How can i put password to a drive

how can i put password to my d drive
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  1. you need software to put locks on drives. Bitlocker it comes with Ultimate versions of Windows Vista/7.

    Im afraid it isnt free however for other versions and I cannot find a free software to do that for you..

    Let me know if your willing to pay for the software, if you are i will do a more extensive search to find you a good product.
  2. folder lock, locks eveyrthing including drives.!it is not free but is worth the price!
  3. TrueCrypt is a lot like BitLocker and is free. Google it, and read about it thoroughly before encrypting anything.
  4. You can password protect any drive except the drive which contains the all windows stuffs.

    It's a very easy task to password protect your. If you are using Windows 7 then you might be familiar with BitLocker tool. It will allow you to set a password to your "D" drives. This Windows encryption tool is not only safe but also a powerful feature, built-in with windows 7.

    You can go for the step by step procedure to know how to password-protect a drive in windows 7.

    Hope this help.
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