AMD readies 3GHz Opteron

According to this info, we'll see the first 3GHz processor coming from AMD, and it looks like it's an Opteron.

I'd love to see a dual core FX-62 at that speed using AMD's new PD-SOI process.
Time will tell
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  1. Cool and lets hope it's not a $1500 cpu.
  2. I don't know if I should believe you man, after all, your such a bullshitter :wink:

    That's pretty sweet man.
  3. Yeah though thinking about the price makes my stomach churn.
    1500+ euros ,the money you'll pay for this baby, for many of us equals a new rig.
  4. AMD goin Prescott
  5. This mofo better not have the cold bug again >:O
  6. I think you're right. Places change. Now AMD is pushing the frequencies and Intel just gave up on that. Pushing the frequencies higher maybe result from the manufacturing process, they're not able to put some more transistors in there so higher clock is the only path to higher productivity. I just hope we won't see any prescotts just before they transit to 65nm.
  7. Quite a short article. That and since all it really says is that "sources" indicate it. Kinda vague. What if I called and told them that? I'm a source, but I'm not a reliable one for this type of info, so this could mean if it's true though.
  8. Remember this is a server CPU.
    CPU price is generally only a very small proportion of the overall price.
    Once you start adding up redundent power supplies, Ethernet cards, fibre channel cards, 16GB memory, fast internal scsi disks, etc, etc.

    So yes it will sell well
  9. Not necessarily, it could be a 939/AM2 cpu like we have now. So hopefully we will see this arise on a normal desktop board and have some crazy DFI fanboys (like myself) overclock it to oblivion :D
  10. Hmmmmmm i smell's my theory amd is gonna launch their first proc at 3ghz and it's an opty right so whats the conspiracy you ask simple look at its name the 256 so what just a name right wrong! what else needs 256 to run anyone hmmm? give up windows vista it needs 256 mb ram to run thats double from windows xp 128 mb and amd plans to release the opty 256 around vista's release right right so i think that amd has teamed up microsoft in order to brain wash linux fanboy's a majority of amd user's i might add who buy the proc and show it to their friends other linux fanboy's when they install linux into their comp the proc will pick it up as a non windows os and send out a brainwashing signal from the monitor that makes them go out and want to buy windows! and with that microsoft can regain a signifigant % of the os market back from linux im not surprised linus torvalds get's converted himself so a word of warning to you linux fanboy's stay away from this proc! how do i know you ask? I spy on Hector ruiz when(mwu huhuhu hahaha)I heard him talkin to bill gates on a conference call and he agreed to do this dastardly deed(no hector no!) for 1 billion dollars!(ok i see why your doing that :wink: ) either this is the truth or i'm smoking too strong weed right now!
  11. ?? what the f*ck are you talking ??
    are you on acid?
  12. No, he's smoking weed. Didn't you read his post? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. acid sucks weed is better duh ak47 mmm i'm craving some good old fashion jamaican grass<whispering>. it's weed shhh.
  14. weed makes you chill, he was going f#%ing insane.
  15. it is too strong weed that im smokin right now i mean man you just blew my mind whooow listen to hippies and there conspiracy theories whooooow i just blew my mind. chill dude i'll pass the blunt soon i just need another puff
  16. No, it's not.

    Different [processing] approaches to the same [x86] architecture, remember?

    Aha! The clock-race may be on hold; but the clock-raise is on, alive & well!

    First, POWER6, 4 to 5GHz; now AMD... who's next?

    Of course, a bunch of features doesn't make a BMW run faster. One wouldn't want a processor spelling v-i-r-t-u-a-l-i-z-a-t-i-o-n t-e-c-h-n-o-l-o-g-y, while waiting for the 32nd core to take over & load Mac OS XXI & Windows Déjà Vista, the week after, right?

    Long live the heat... humm, clockspeed!

  17. Quote:
    AMD goin Prescott

    AMD will never do Intel's mistake.

    The good thing of the K8 core is that it scales a lot better once you increase clock speed. (not the case of NetBust).
  18. Read your PM dude!
  19. Quote:
    it is too strong weed that im smokin right now i mean man you just blew my mind whooow listen to hippies and there conspiracy theories whooooow i just blew my mind. chill dude i'll pass the blunt soon i just need another puff

    I have that exact problem so if my posts ever seemed fucked up well.... :lol:
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