What is the common hardrive problem?

Anyone who knews (advanced) about harddisk, please tell me about your experience.
What is the common problems of harddisk?
Bad sector is an usual problem. I mean about physical error, like dead PCB, and others.

Such as, please mention about the solution too. e.g. canibal trick, etc.

I have a second question,
my old harddisk Maxtor 40GB cann't works well in my computer (and other computers too). When I connect my HD, the BIOS said if the harddisk is error/damage. But the process of detecting HD is good and it detects the name of my HD perfectly. In a Windows, even my HD is detected in BIOS, but Windows cann't detects all of the partition in that old HD. What is the problem of my old HD? Is it the head going mad? My old harddisk has a nice sound when detected by BIOS in a first starting of the computer, the noise like: KLAK, KLAK, KLAK. May be it is the sounds from the head?

Please help me. And thank you in advance.
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  1. ok sorry man, the hd is history. You have an head issue where the optical laser can no longer reflect properly to read hte platters (sometimes due to expanion of heads from heat.. cracks etc..). the clicking sound your getting is the platters constantly being reset in attempts to re-read. this is unfortunately a rather common problem with older harddrives. Unless there is important data on the drive, i recommend you cut ur losses now and just go shopping. If there is important data. People like Geeksquad should be able to get ur data back by imaging the disk using parts borrowed from a donor working harddrive. (same model it has to be). Also dont try the ideas some people give you of throwing the broken driveinto the freezer overnight. It doesnt help. Sometimes it makse it worse. If u want the data i recommend u get the recovered professionally.
  2. thats the classic "click of death"

    1st time you hear it you need to:
    1) turn off computer.
    2) go buy a replacement.
    3) install the new drive in computer
    4) start copying everything over
    and pray it works w/o errors.

    If you continue to use a drive like this, it will eventually quit working. sometimes in a few hours, sometimes a few days.. but it WILL die.

    if there is nothing importand on the drive - toss it out
  3. Most heads stop readin on the hdd's i've used.
  4. Don't worry about my 40GB HDD. I've bought a new HD one year ago. Yes, my new HDD is Maxtor 80GB (6Y080L0, if I dont forget).

    Now, about opportunity to repair my harddisk. Can my old HD to be repaired? Can the head to be repaired by doing something technical tricks / may be with canibal?


    So, I must dumped my old HD?
  5. Quote:

    Now, about opportunity to repair my harddisk. Can my old HD to be repaired? Can the head to be repaired by doing something technical tricks / may be with canibal?

    yes it can be fixed in a manner of speaking. if you want the data off it - there are recover services. but I think they start at $200-300. THG did a review of a data recovery service once, you can read more there.


    So, I must dumped my old HD?

    Much better idea -- and cheaper.

    or if your the tinkering type, you can open the HD up & look inside -- but keep in mind once you do this, the drive is guaranteed DEAD.
  6. Yes its possilbe to swap parts with another identical drive, but this is only practical for simple PCB board replacements. Opening the drive up and exposing the inner workings requires a clean room environment. There is simply no way you can get the air clean enough to do this at home.
  7. OK, thanks for all of your advices.

    May be I must get dumped my HD.

    But I'll try to sell it first. Ofcourse, I will sell my HD in a very low price ;)
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