Using DDR500 memory in DDR400 DFI mobo?

I'm going to get a DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D mobo. Looking at the specs I see the supported memory as:


* Four 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM sockets
* Supports dual channel (128-bit wide) memory interface
* Supports up to 4GB system memory
* Supports DDR266, DDR333 and DDR400 DDR SDRAM DIMM

So DDR400 is the highest that it will support. I was going to use OCZ memory modules 2x1gb and noticed the prices between the dual specified DDR400 either gold or platinum were relatively the same prices as the DDR500. However the latency numbers were a little higher on the DDR500.



Since I plan on doing some moderate overclocking (competent noobie), would there be any problems running DDR500 on the DFI mobo? I'm thinking that the DDR500 is meant to run at a higher speed, it would actually be more stable if I OC the memory (actually in this case, maybe underclock it). Or will the higher latency on the DDR500 negate any benefits over the DDR400?

DDR400 = 200mhz
DDR500 = 250mhz

Since the DFI Lanparty boards are so customizeable, I might be able to modify the latencies to be comparable to the DDR400 modules. Is this do-able?

Thanks in advance for your help. Much appreciated.
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  1. Basically Wusy is saying that anything above 400 is for overclocking. If you're not going to overclock, then don't buy it becuase it will be worth nothing more then buying the 400. There will never be an upgrade that goes past 400 on ddr and the 939 socket. So it doesn't make sense to buy the ddr500 ram hoping that one day the 939 socket goes to a 250fsb. The am2 socket is the next area where we have conceivable upgrades to the fsb, but it also will be using ddr2, so you won't be able to use the ddr in those future boards (except in the possiblity that ecs pulls another dual memory format out of their rear::however much unlikely it is...i wouldn't discount them from screwing that up again).

    To reiterate Wusy...Buy it if you're going to OC, or if it's cheaper.
  2. yes, I had planned to OC. I just thought it would be more stable as I wouldn't really have to "push" it to operate in that higher speed. I think the trade off though will be to loosen the timings.
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