I am looking for a motherboard that...

Can accept all of my current hardware but also allow for more upgrade options. My current hardware is as follows

Dell 8300
Intel P4 with HyperThreading
PC3200 RAM
Ati Radeon X850 Pro AGP
PATA Drives

I would ideally be looking for a mobo that has at least one AGP slot and one PCI-E slot so I don't have to upgrade my vid card immediately. Also I would not mind having to switch to an AMD processor. Any help on this would be greatly appreceated
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  1. I'm assuming you have a Socket 478 P4 since ur video card is AGP. In that case, you cannot get a Socket 478 motherboard with PCI-E.

    Now if you wanted to switch to AMD you can... you can get a Socket 939 motherboard w/ AGP And PCI-E... as seen here:

  2. AGP is worthless, just make the switch...
  3. Quote:
    AGP is worthless, just make the switch...

    Thing is, I just bought the card. Also since its a Dell I can't move the mobo out of that ass ugly case and into a more easily modable one so I need a new one. And I am definitely partial to AMD.
  4. mpjesse there are some asus boards that have pci-e support for 478 just search on price watch.
  5. Are you sure? I though what mpjesse said was right O_o
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