a usb drive from a mp3 hard drive

i have a 20 gig mp3 hard drive. i know theres usb hard drives or whatever.. but is there a way to make something like that? like which pins do what and stuff like that.. i think id b cool to have a jumpdrive that big.
thanks in advanced cyth

ps yes ive posted something close to this yesterday.. but id rather have it portible then have it in my computer.. its small enough! 2.5 inch drive...
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  1. er, skip trying to make your own and just by an ipod.

    Same thing.
  2. i could.. but thats not what im going for... im going for an extra hard drive.. yes i could buy an mp3 player to transfer things.. but the thing is i have around 15 gigs of music.. yes i love music.. but i dont have 300 bucks laying around.. thats y im tring to do this.. i have the hard drive.. i just need to know how to wire it all up
  3. so i can use it as a backup or something..
  4. Uh, I have no idea what an MP3 hard drive is. Unless you mean just a standard hard drive that you store MP3s on... :twisted:
    Ok, just buy an external usb enclosure for your hard drive. They are cheap enough, or they even make a straight cable to to the same thing.
  5. I am guessing you mean you would like to remove the hard drive from an mp3 player and create a custom USB adapter for it.

    And the answer is no you cannot do that, it would take a team of engineers with a fair sized budget to pull of something like that.
  6. damn... o well.. i guess i can shell out 20 bucks..
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