My Dad's PC just DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, there is power going through the PSU and the MB. All cables have been connected and his PC was working fine last night. Today, nothing happens when you hit the power button. I am assuming that the power switch suddenly died, so any ideas what to do before I hunt down a new power switch (or worse, send back the case to Thermaltake to get it fixed)? Thanks.
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  1. easy way to test is to hook the reset switch to the power on lead and if that work to turn the computer problem is switch if doesnt work you will need to do further investigation.
  2. surly it aint power switch (if you want to eleminate it, short the pins where the power switch is connected to).

    This sounds more like psu or mobo issues, got any spare PSU's you can use to test the system with?
  3. My first guess is power supply, then motherboard. Highly unlikely that the switch has a problem. How do you know that the PS and MB both have power? It could be putting out enough voltage to light a few LEDs, but I think you've got a bad power supply. Any storms roll through over night? Or power outage/spike of any kind? Power supplies die all the time, so that is nothing unusual.
  4. My first impulse is to check the CMOS clear fell off my computer once heading to a lanparty and i couldn't get my pc started for 2 hours because i didnt figure it out that the jumper just fell off the mobo.

    If that doesn't work, then test your psu by butting a wire from the green wire in the 20 or 24 pin connector going to the mobo into any of the black wires. if the psu doesn't start immediatly, then its either the wall outlet, the psu cable, or the psu itself. If it does start, then the motherboard or power switch is to blame.
    If the psu works fine, then take the front of the case off, remove the power switch and use wire cutters to but the switch off. Strip the two wires you have, plug the pc in, and touch the two leads together. if the pc turns on, then the switch is to blame. if not, then the mobo is. if the switch is good, you can just solder back on teh leads and hot glue the switch back onto the front of the chassis.

    If the pc still doesnt start and the switch isn't to blame, smell the motherboard for a burned smell, and look over all teh capacitors and inductors and such. make sure none of them have become detached or blown. If this mobo is equipped with onboard fuses, switch them out.
    If you can't find anything unplugged, detached, burned up, or blown, then the problem probably lies inside one of the microcircuits...which means buying a new board.

    try also switching out your RAM and processor with good ones before you buy a new mobo. make sure all the componets connected to the PC work.
    plug any graphics or sound cards into another machine, or unplug them nad try to boot this machine. use the process of elimination.
  5. We did have a power surge, but the PC is on a Belkin 1600+ joule surge protector. Shouldn't that have prevented a short of any kind? Anyways, I will try to do your suggestions ASAP (after Trig HW, Physics, History, blah-blah-blah.....) Thanks guys. I shall post later when I get the chance.
  6. power surge protectors are a load of expensive crap - dont rely on em, by the time the surge protector gets triggered off your equipement is dead, its best in storms to TOTALY unplug your system
  7. PSUs can blow up out of nowhere. If it is a blown PSU, it likely has nothing to do with any "surges".

    My money is on a blown PSU (you can try smelling the exhaust fan of the PSU)
  8. I have a nice surge protector, and I don't trust it.
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