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Hello guys,

I just finished building my PC. I read in many places in Internet about drivers updates and they all say I shouldn't update my driver from the CD provided from the manufacturer but from Internet and install them in a USB flash drive. So that's what I did, I installed my BIOS current driver and other MOBO drivers in my USB flash drive. However, I don't know now how to update my drivers without the CD's. I would like some help on how to update all my drivers (my PC is completly new) using a USB flash drive. Thanks for the help!
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  1. If you have your drivers installed on the USB flash drive, click on each driver one at a time and install them (excluding BIOS, as that is a different process). Once you have completed that, you'll want to install your video card driver than Anti-Virus.

    At this point, you should be ready to install all the apps, games and files you plan on putting on the new PC.
  2. ok now how should i install my mobo bios drive?
  3. Many new systems BIOS updates can be updated from Windows. You did not "install" your drivers to a USB stick, you downloaded them there. You need to install them on your system. The driver download sites would have directions on how to install them, usually you just run the setup program, but some drivers you need to extract the files first then run the setup. I'm a bit surprised you got a system built without knowing how to work with drivers.
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