Need your help! Problems with GF6600

Hi! I recently bought a Palit GF6600 256mb AGP card and I'm having problems with it. When a 3D application is running the system freezes or crash rebooting the PC. I have no idea of what is happening. Before this VGA I had a FX5200 and never had this kind of problem. Does anyone knows what do I have to do to fix it? :(

My system:

AXP 2600+
K7N2 Delta-2 LSR
1024MB Samsung (2x512) Dual Channel
HD 80GB Maxtor
SB Live 5.1
SevenTeam 350w
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  1. I am having the exact same problem with my 6600GT that I just bought. And over the last few days I have found dozens of similar cases in these forums. Im not really saying anything constructive here other thab adding another plee for help.
  2. :( Hi, I don’t know about the 6600 but the GT model I will bet has a heat problem. Try removing your side panel and put a normal fan as close as possible to your PC. I had a 6600GT, which my friend now owns and we battled for weeks to sort this out.
    This is the only way he can use the card without freezing his PC.
  3. I would say that the card is overheating. Check the temp on the GPU in the nvidia display settings. If there's not option for temperature, then download Rivatuner and use that to monitor your temp. Your card should be around 50C or less in 2D and shouldn't get much over 80C, it that in 3D.

    Are you overclocking the card? If so, then move those timings back down because your card is obvisouly unstable.

    If you are not overclocking the card and your temp is high, you probably want to exchange for another one if its still under warranty.

    If you can't exchange it, then get yourself a logisys cooler and slap that baby on there. It comes with RAM heatsinks and will keep your card 10-15C cooler than it is right now. Also recommended is some Artic Silver thermal paste which will provide a few more degrees of cooling.

    see this thread on the nvidia forums for more information about the 6600GT :
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