been outta the game, need some knowlegde.

HELLO! I been out of the game for a year or so, but am looking to upgrade from a p4 3.4 northwood on an ABIT IC7. cpu overclocked to 3.7 and a 6800 gt oc'd as well. I have 2 gigs of hyper-x ddr 500 and the whole thing is water cooled. NOW, Im looking at an athlon 64 4000+(San diego). I would like suggestions as to sould i go crossfire or nvidia in sli? Depending on that, Im spoiled by my ic7 and want a new mobo that is a competant overclocker as well. Im only goiing to go with 1 7800 gtx or x1900 to start. Any suggestions welcome.

ps- I have around $1200 us to spend on this project.
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  1. Well, video wise, the 1900XT is *the* card to have....(the insanely expensive $750 gtx512 is now MIA, not showing up on Pricewatch or even Newegg...!)

    (It's almost a shame to upgrade from a Northwood 3.7 just to get an A64/4000, and, more importantly, PCIe...)


    Asus makes about the most popular SLI boards around (get the one with two PCIe16 slots, around $200), and a nice Crossfire/ATI board as well....

    CPU wise, I'd probably make the jump to dual core if I were in your shoes, otherwise going from a Northwood at 3.7G to a mere A64/4000+ will be rather a lateral move....

    Look for an Opty dual core 165 (2.0G) or 170 (2.2)...; both are rather successful at routinely hitting at least 2.6-2.8G (FX60 and FX62!)while OCing with factory sink/fan, and some will make it higher...
  2. i was afraid i hear that, and to be honest, pci-express was alot of the reason i was looking to change anything in the first place. thanks
  3. Quote:
    i was afraid i hear that, and to be honest, pci-express was alot of the reason i was looking to change anything in the first place. thanks

    I j ust did the same thing. I upgraded from a p4c 3ghz to a venice 3800+ and pound for pound they are about the same. However. pci-express is darned nifty. I went with sli straight away and love it to death. I wouldn't say its the most worthwhile expense buts its nice to have.

    Overall from a p4c on an asus p4c-800 deluxe to a amd 3800+ on a DFI lanparty UT expert was a good move. the DFI board is a master overlocker with headroom and options to spare. I am no "fanboy" but atm i am in Nvidia's camp, so I woudl suggest SLI just bc im tired of paper launchers by ATI (though the x1900xt release was a good one so far).

    Don't forget a rock solid PSU :)
  4. $1200 or close

    CPU amd dual core $300

    Mobo Asus sli $164

    DDR 2x1 Gb $182

    Graphics card 7800GTX $510

    Total about $1156 but $1200 with shipping and tax.

    Just assuming you have everything else.

  5. Why would you pay 510 for a GTX? I got mine for 450 or so and it had stock clocks of 470/1300 (i think). Scale down the graphics card, esp with the 7900 likely to show up soon. And dont forget a PSU, I may have just missed it in yoru list of components, but with the switch from P4C to AMD you'll most likely need a new PSU for the 24 ATX connecter, not to mention all the SATA power connecters :)
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