Maybe, I’m risking myself to be banned by making these statements public, but since the mods doesn’t likes my nickname, I want to know what the users of this forum think about it.
(It’s funny that after posting since last year and having more than 120 posts, they’re only complaining till now).

Here's the first PM message:

From: Webdog


We have started to receive many complaints about your username, if you can please provide a new username that you would like I can change it while preserving your post count.

While your username may have been ok in the old forums unfortunately it is not anymore.

Max Wilson

Maybe, I’m risking myself to be banned by making these statements public, but since the mods doesn’t likes my nickname, I want to know what the users of this forum think about it.
(It’s funny that after posting since last year, they’re only complaining till now).

Second PM (this one looks threatening):

From: Jake Barnes
You need to give me or webdog a new username ... BullShitter is a violation of our TOS

User agrees not to use nicknames that might be deemed abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise inappropriate. User agrees not to use nicknames that might mislead other Users. This includes but is not limited to using nicknames that impersonate developers, staff, or other Users, or other individuals outside of TGP.

Please do so by tomorrow - or we will suspend your posting privileges

Jake Barnes, Moderator

PS - This is the 2nd request!

Everyone in the forum: You have the last word.
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  1. I dont really care what your name is, as long as your posting remains civil.

    However i totally agree with the mods
    1) You dont respect the TOS
    2) Your name might offend some people

    I also find that their PM were very nice & civil too.

    Change it :)
  2. It was a cool idea, but when it comes right down to it, they make the rulez and call the shotz.
    WTF, if you can handle a title like that, surely you can concoct another, who's BS'n who? :twisted:
  3. B***S******, I think that you should get off your soap box for a moment and consider the fact that young people out there use this site as well and they don't need to be exposed to this rubbish. I think that it would be a great idea to change your user name. It doesn't offend me but I wouldn't do a thing that you said for fear of you BullS******* me.
  4. That's funny I was just done reading the other furom about this indicent act. But I don't think your name is offensive. Why, what's their main reason to make you change your handle name?
  5. As I mentioned in the "Just A Note!" forum, you should take a poll and survey to see if others are offended by your handle name. :D
  6. Man, it's a bunch of text on a website , "BullShit", no different then "Software" or "Hardware", just happens to use these so-called "bad words". If they don't want you using those names, there happens to be the ability to Restrict Usernames (or is Tomz Forumz not that "advanced" yet?) I think the Mods should lay off, it's a name, sheesh. Am I gonna get sanctioned for having "Pimpin" at the bottom? (Awaits the Mods, lol).

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  7. I think you have a anger problem, and removing it from you title would assist you in resolving your anger issues.
    That, or we could send you hunting with Dick. :P
  8. I don't know why the admin hasn't booted you out already. Nobody wants to see or read crap like that. We come here for input and advice and we have to read volgarity....?

    If somebody gave you that name....take the hint.....if you gave yourself that name....................?

    You definately need some kind of professional help, and if I were you I wouldn't wait too long to get it !
  9. They have the final say. It's not a huge deal to change your name so just do it. Don't be hard-headed over something this small--save the hard-headedness for issues that matter!
  10. If the name breaks the TOS then what do you expect the Mods to do?

    They've been tasked with keeping the boards within the boundaries of the Rules, and they are doing their job. It's not personal. They spend more time here than they want to, listen to every single complaint that anyone can (and usually do) make about anything and everyone, and when they have to enforce the rules, it makes people react horribly. And.. guess what - they don't even get paid to catch all this crap.

    So... give them a break, and change your name. :)
  11. Yeah man, before you know it they will take your name as sexually offensive. Richard=Dick :lol: No offense.

    Bullshitter, a person who talks crap and full of sh$t.

    Bullsh$t would be consider a swear word.

    Whatever happened to the freedom of speech, to be able to express yourself as a person.
  12. Their forum, their rules. If they want you to go by CrackSmokingFairyPrincess then I would comply. They are providing a service to you so they can dictate the terms of service.

    So STFU, quit your whining and change your name NOW! :evil:
  13. change your name. so what it is only a name. there are billions more out there.
  14. Quote:

    Everyone in the forum: You have the last word.

    Actually, no. The moderators have the last word. :wink:

    Your handle doesn't bother me, but it obviously bothers others (as the PMs you got have noted). Since that's the case, and your name's violating the rules, you're obliged to change it. But I wonder why you felt the need to choose a name that skirts the edges of acceptability? In most cases of this nature, I've found it's a deliberate attempt to provoke a reaction (I moderate a game developer's forum and have seen this kind of thing numerous times).

    As to a previous comment about freedom of speech: I find it interesting that any time something of this nature comes along, someone always brings up the 'freedom of speech' argument. Fact is, it's not violating your FoS, since you're still free to speak any way you like - just not here where the rules are laid out beforehand.
  15. change your name... think of it this way, you keep your name that way, and you will be removed or have it changed, why don't you just change it and stay? Simple as that. No logical reason why not to, since it's not exactly a nice name anyway.
  16. listen to the mods go get a new nickname change it into something like "bullchitter", or "bullcheater" or "bullshutter" may sounds good and so that we may still recognize you... :D
  17. I'm sure if you use your imagination you'll be able to come up with another nickname that will convey your veracity :D
  18. 8O I know someone who had to reformat his sig! 8O
  19. Seriously, is this thread for real?
  20. I would definitely say change is somewhat idiotic not to. Plus it will probably be changed in the end anyway. I can easily see how some could consider it offensive. Use your brains...change it.
  21. bullshitter here's a good name bullsh*tter! no i no curse :lol:
  22. or you can go with BS
  23. I would just change it, I go under several different names on different forums ( whatever I feel like at the moment I sign up). Its just a name, it doesn't mean anyone is going to treat you differently.
    What does it matter what the heck you call yourself!!!. Put the initials "BS" before or after whatever name you pick if you feel that tied to bout' "BS Nick Name" or "Nick the BS Name"
  24. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
    That is IT!!!!
  25. How about Bulloney
  26. Quote:
    8O I know someone who had to reformat his sig! 8O

    I know I had to change mine during beta testing, but that was due to scaring people with their own privacy. :mrgreen:
    It scared the shitz off Steve_sa! :lol:

    But man, just for a pointless username? That's too far by my standard. what was your sig wusy anyway before beta?
  27. Bu!!shi**er
  28. Ummm...anyone noticed he hasn't replied to his own thread yet? Maybe he's already banned.

    I think to keep up the professional "image" of these boards, I think the mods were right in making him change his name.

    I use the word bullshit all the time and at work in a corporate environment to my close co-workers. But I'm not going to say that at my grandmother or the CEO of my company who I don't know personally. So think of it that way in regards to a name that MIGHT offend some people.

    Just change the name. Just because you made that many posts already, I'm sure the majority of people won't even remember you.
  29. thats his real name Buff Shivler
  30. First of all, moderators shouldn´t give a damn about complaints.
    As for the as*holes who kept complaining...Get a friggin life.
    Who cares about a nickname? It's not like having porn or something related to sex or something else for God sake.
    I've been around in these foruns for about 1 year and registered a few months ago. I learned a lot, and I don't really give a fu*k to nicknames.
    Know what? Bullshitter is a great nickname.
    Leave this guy alone.

    Yeah, USA, the great freedom and liberty country. Yeah, everybody knows your Politicians are a bunch of as*holes, still you follow their stupid rules and they keep winning and running your "free country". Taboo freaks!
    CIA guys may be hunting my as* down because of these statements....better start running....
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