Forgot my password for windows 7 no cd

forgot my password for windows 7 no cd
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  1. Well there isn't much you can do about that. You will just have to obtain another CD. You can take the drive out and put in an external Drive Bay and recover data using another computer.
  2. Wamphryi is correct, their are not back door ways to get into windows 7. Good luck
  3. Ophcrack.
  4. Well there is few ways to do it.

    But are u trying to break into your or someone else's PC?

    EDIT; I see, u meant serial #, right?
  5. Call M$oft or manufacturer (if your PC was build by some company), and ask them what they can do for u. They should be able to find solution quickly.
  6. Hey,

    I think he was asking for installation serial #, not the log-in one.
  7. Here are some utilities, all of which will display your product keys:
    Belarc Advisor: I recommend this one too.
    (It does a good job of providing a wealth of information.)

    Note: Also check the side of your PC case or bottom of the laptop for the
    OEM key code. If there is a sticker with the code it will most likely not
    match what is displayed by the utilities mentioned above as OEMs such as
    Dell use an internal key code when they build your PC.
    The key code on the sticker is for use with your Windows CD
    (that hopefully came with your PC)
    if you ever need to reinstall Windows.

    Original post;
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