500w power supply enough for SLI??

I currently have one eVGA 7800GT on an sli board. I was considering in the future(month or so) to add a 2nd 7800gt card to run in sli. However I just purchased a new power supply and was wondering if 500w is enough power to run the sli config. If its not then I will probably just wait because I am doing fine with just a single 7800gt. However, I would like to get some more fps with some of the games I play.

Also, I was wondering how much performance increase you get with an sli setup? Reading other posts/reviews it seems mixed. I saw some where you only got 4-5 more fps then hearing from other people its closer to 40-50% increase.

*I run dual 20.1 monitors.....do I lose fps having both enabled when I run a game?
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  1. It would depend on if it was a very good quality 500 watt.
    Realistically, 500 true watts would do it, but many, if not most PSU are over-rated, and can not deliver wattage advertised.
  2. Xbit have an article on the amount of current the different GPUs draw, the 7800GT is very efficent :)

    As long as it's a quality PSU then I don't see any problems. I think nVidia recommends a 550W (but also states the current requirement), i'm using a TypeR 480W which exceedes the current requirments. I have been running the system for about a month without any beeps, crashes or any other unexpected behaviour. System is as follows:

    A64 3500+, 4x512Mb Corsair Cas 2 DDR400, Asus AN8-32 SLI
    2x 7800GT 450MHz (stock)
    1x80Gb & 2x120Gb Maxtor 7800RPM HD
    Sony DVD & LG CD-RW
    Philips Acoustic Edge sound card
    3x system fans in CoolerMaster aluminium chassis
  3. If the card your using is 6 series or less! 7 series need about 550 or 600w i know I had to help a friend who went sli with two 7800gt's and used a 500w power supply and it kept locking up and rebooting got him a good enermax 550w for cheap on ebay :lol:
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