Help with Asus EN6800GT card heat sinks fell off

The heat sinks fell off of my graphics card. Im not sure if i should glue them back on myself or send the card out to get fixed. I have had the card abotu two months and it looks liek the heatsinks were jsut held on by thermal tape of some kind. My CPU temp is running at 66C and thats idle, when i pushed it earlier today when i noticed it was up at 81C and i stopped doing what i was doing. Some help here would be nice.

Heres a link to what the card is
Asus EN6800GT

I know there is complaining about it in the Newegg reviews, i read them earlier, but what should i do about the heat sinks? If i put the ehat sinks back on should i get better ones? and if so what should i get?
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  1. err you could buy a new cooler for the card but i don't have any recommendations.. are the retention clips broken somewhere? if so i guess you could take it in under warranty?
  2. The solution u want has a name and it's called Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5
  3. I read that the cooler isnt very compatible with SLI hookup.. I was planning on getting another card so i can do the SLI thing. SI there any other cooling solutions i can do?
  4. That depends on your motherboard, and the space between the PCI-Ε slots...
  5. I have a Asus A8N-SLI board there is the PCI-e slot for my first card and then i have two open slots between the second pci-e slot. Are these things easy to put on a card? On my card the back piece that you mount it on is held with a bracket i would have to pry off. Im a little nervous to do this. It looks liek i might have enough room to put it in. im kind of annoyed i have to deal with this though considering how poorly asus put the heat sinks on this card.
    Is the back bracket hard to pull off these card to put this new cooling unit on?

    And no there are no retention chips on the card the heat sinks that fell off were only held on by thermal tape. Such poor quality, but none the less its a great card
  6. Nv silencer is too big for sli setup unless the pci-e on your mobo has two slot in between each other. This cooler takes 2 more slots below it, but I found one mobo from asus that has wide spaced pci-e slot, should be able to handle it.

    The the best way for now is send it to get fixed. If it's the thermal pad then they should the manufacturer should send you a replacement.
  7. Well i have 2 slots inbetween the 2 ports so that should be fine, but from what ive been reading the revision of htis card i have, the cooling isnt as good as the second revision of it. im sure if naything asus might jsut send me another thermal tape to replace it and it could jsut fall off once again. I could glue the sinks back on with thermal apoxy, but that would be permanent and if it still runs at high temps as it is, i wouldnt be able to do anythign about it then.

    The problem im having now is i was playing World of Warcraft the other night and the game started freezeing for a few seconds every minute or so. I wasnt sure what was going on and i opened my case and looked inside. The one ehatsink on my memory was hanging on by a thread doing nothing. It was a memory heat sink and it looks liek the other memory ehat sink isnt doing so well.
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