Very Hot CPU then black screen and message - bad instruction

I have an acer asipre 1705smi that is now overheating.

I do not understand why it is now overheating after being fine for over a year but it really gets very very hot now very quickly. It cuts out with black screen and a message saying an illegal instruction has been executed. It sound like the CPU is getting very confused when hot.

I cleaned all the fan holes (were looking a bit blocked up with dust) to get a good air supply but still overheats.

What other measures could I try? Could there be something wrong with the processor itself that makes it overheat and a replacement would fix it? It is a laptop and there is not room to fit a bigger heatsink so that is not an option.
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  1. If you can get to the heatsink, is it possible to remove it, clean the top of the processor core, and bottom of heatsink, and reapply a new, thin layer of thermal paste?
  2. Did you change your drivers or power setting on that laptop? I've seen articles about overheating laptop GPU's once they are actually taxed or overheating processors once the "throttling" it turned off.

    Check out this thread may help some.

    The only way to really test it would be to be able to control the temperature by putting the laptop in an environment where it won't easily overheat, maybe for instance, an AC unit blowing air on it or in a very cool place and seeing if that makes a difference.

    You can try cleaning what you can get to, but on a dense laptop you can't get to much. If you can remove the CPU, you could try new thermal paste (although I have never seen thermal paste on laptop cpus breakdown yet).

    You of course have verified that your fans are working? Also, do you have a way to monitor temperature and cpu voltage? Perhaps the laptop is having a power regulation problem an dthe cpu voltage is getting out of range, that could cause an overheat senario.
  3. Yeah, disassemble your laptop and thoroughly clean it with compressed air, laptops gets clogged really fast especially you carrying to a dirty/dusty place. Remove cpu and clean it as well and apply a good thermal paste like Artic Silver 5. That should help decreasing heat.
  4. You will also want to make sure that the laptop isn't still under warranty and if it is you want to make sure you don't VOID that warranty if you disassemble it.

    Good Luck!!
  5. Bizarrely, Updating the BIOS and the Video drivers seem to have stopped it overheating..

    I don't know which was the vital one and cannot understand for the life of me why this only started happening after a year without a problem.

    It runs at 50-60c at the moment..
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