GPU RAM heatsinks - Home made suggestions?

you know the heat sinks you put on the graphics RAM, were they called ram sinks?

anyway, i need to know if there is a solution that can be made out of standard home/supermarket/basic hardware store supplies. (does radio shack sell them)

I am in saudi arabia, and there are is no enthusiast products, in fact I am the only enthusiast that i know in the country. therefore, there are no products such as heat sinks that can be found in a computer shop... so i was wondering if there is a home made solution which will not short out my graphics card.

(i think thermal paste is accessible, but not too sure about that)

If there is no solution that you can think of, please suggest some sort of improvment as my graphics ram is currently (and originally) bare, and i'm looking to overclock more but am getting scared about the ram...


Sorry for the lengthy post on a simple question
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  1. You mean the memory ram of the graphics card?

    There are many kinds sold online. Do you plan on ordering it online?There should be some online retailer in Europe, like Germany.

    If ordering online is not your option then here's some suggestion.

    Do you have any access of a machine shop/metal shop or a car shop.

    They could make a custom made heatsink for your card from a copper block or aluminum. Then just super glue it to the card's ram.

    You can increase air flow in you case using better fan or place a fan directly over the graphics card's ram.
  2. unfortunately, i can't order online, this is because a) it'll cost a lot to get it to saudi arabia and customs and b)my dad doesn't trust online sites whatsoever

    i don't have access to a machine shop, but car shops are accessible, the only problem is, the worker's brains aren't...(yes, they are all morons)

    thanks for your help, i guess i'll have to keep it at this level of overclock then.


    oh yeah....yes, it was graphics ram
  3. Well....don't know if it helps, but there is a RadioShack Distributor in Egypt according to their website and they might have something.

    Delta Communications
    RadioShack Authorized Distributor
    Cairo, EGYPT
    Phone: 202-748-0790

    Unfortunately you'll still have to deal with customs and the like, but they are closer to you than most others so acutal shipping costs might be cheaper.

    I also found this site. You might have luck with some of these shops.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.
  4. so you think radio shack will specifically have something?
    don't get me wrong... i don't live in the desert... there is a local radio shack, just wondering if there are any specific products that i could use that you guys may have seen.

    forget it guys, it was a stupid idea, thanks for the help

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