First Time Builder seeking a TG DoubleCheck

I've been searching around various prebuilt sites (falcon,voodoo,ibuypower,etc) and decided it would be cheaper to just build my own. I've upgraded my current whitebox several times in all areas so I feel pretty confident I can build my own.

I'm aiming to build a quiet PC, a rung or two below "best of the best."
My main computer uses are gaming and video editing, multiple programs at once.

Perhaps theres a THG junkie here that'll spot something I've missed, I wanted to double check if there'll be any issues with this setup:

Case: Antec P150
Antec says its quiet, so I guess it's quiet. Plus I like the look and front panel design more than the SonataII. But aparently theres problems with the Neo HE powersupply, I dont think it'll work with the asus mobo? If it doesn't, I guess I'll go for the SonataII. Or get a different PS, but that would up the cost of this rig.

MoBo: Asus A8N SLI Premium
Premium comes with a bunch of stuff I don't think I'll use (raid), but I think I'll go with "premium" because this version of the board has the heatpipe instead of cpu fan.

Athlon 64 3700+ or Opteron 144
I cant decide here. There doesn't seem to be much difference speed wise since they can be overclocked, but the 3700+ has "L1Chache." How much of a difference does that make? And are there other factors I'm not seeing? Heat maybe?

Memory: Corsair 2GB DDR400 XMS3200 DIMM Memory w/ Black Heat Spreader TWINX20483200
I'm pretty sure this memory will work. The Asus site says they will.

Graphics: eVGA e-GeForce 6800 GS
I was looking at the 7800 GT, but the only difference that I can see is 35mhz CoreClockSpeed, 100mhz Effective Memory Clock Speed, let alone requiring 100 more dollars and power. Is there a reason to pay $100 more for what appears to be a very small difference?

This would blow my current computer out of the water, and for $800-900? I gotta be missing something here. 8O I was expecting to pay around $1200 for a mediocre rig, but this thing is great. I'll probably get viewsonic's 19" widescreen LCD as it'll still be in my budget :o

Any feedback would be great, thanks for reading.
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  1. wow someone else had the same idea 8O

    oh well, if theres any opinions on the processors I'm looking at, or the difference between the 6800gs and 7800 gt, post away.

  2. You will see a large increase in performance between a 7800gt and a 6800gs. It isn't all about the mhz, it is completley differant core.
  3. All looks good

    Cpu both have l1 cache the same the site is just missing details.
    The 3700+ = opty 148 they are the same chips. If your not a big overclocker get the 3700 or try for a 146 opty.

    There is a lot more to a graphics card than just memory and gpu speed. The 7800 will allow you to have all full eye candy on games the 6800 will struggle with all on max.
    I would suggest spending the extra and getting the 7800 it will last you longer and will give you results you will be happy with from the start.

    Check out the benchmarks for the cards Here you will see that the 7800 will handle high at a lot better frame rates.
  4. The 7800gt has 20 pipes vs the 6800s 12 as well as a new core.
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