Zywall 10 II vs. NETBIOS names

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I've just set up a small LAN that has a Linux system running Samba
Server configured as PDC and WINS server for the local network. VPN
access is through a Zywall 10 II internet gateway, with SSH Sentinel
1.4 used to call the Zywall from the outside world.

Setup was straightforward thanks to Zyxel's technical notes. However,
in testing (using a Windows XP workstation + SSH Sentinel) it only
seems to be possible to access LAN resources (such as server shares) by
IP address, and not by NETBIOS name. Even if the name is added to the
workstation's LMHOSTS file along with the corresponding IP it is not

A short knowledge base article on the Zyxel web site said to turn off
the NETBIOS filter, but as far as I can see there is no such filter
active. (Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?) My preference would
be for getting WINS working if possible since computers on the LAN
other than the file server have dynamic IPs. Anyone know if this
is possible and if so how to set it up?

Roger Blake
(Subtract 10 for email.)
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.vpn (More info?)

    Never mind -- it started working, for whatever reason. (Though I wish
    I knew why!)

    Roger Blake
    (Subtract 10 for email.)
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