Help! FX-55 idle at 50C and runs over 70 at full load!

Hello gang,

For some reason my fx-55 is running really hot. I have reseated my zalman CNPS7700-CU twice and have used the ceramic artic silver paste. I still play games, but it gets really hot. Do I need a better cooler? Or is it my paste or possibly the application of the paste?

Jeez, this is frustrating!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. clawhammer or san diego? if it's clawhammer it's 130 nm and those are hotter than san diego at 90 nm.
  2. Whats motherboard temp. May just have bad air circulation. When you pull the heatsink off the cput is the thermal paste even all over the cpu?
    Any bare spots?
    Whats the fan rpms?
  3. San Diego, I think. I bought it off of newegg and I think that was the only model they had at the time.
  4. The temp displayed by nvidia monitor says 45 C. I would think, though, that My two case fans (120's in a super lanboy) would be cooling inside. My room temp is about 70F or I think about 21.1C (google) right now.

    When I last reseated the cooler, it appeared that it was. I don't have time right now to check if it is a good cover because I have to use my computer a lot for school work (yuck!). I can possibly check sometime this next weekend though.

    I don't have a fan monitor installed right now, but I do have the motherboard set to keep the cpu fan running at max (~2800+ rpm) above 50C.

    Thanks for the responses. Maybe I just need to vent my room a little better. I have also been looking at the ZALMAN CNPS9500 cooler if I can't find a cheaper solution.


    ok, got some software to make this easier. CPU fan speed right now (idle) is running at 2596 rpm.

  5. when did you buy if it was the only one then it's probably clawhammer
  6. End of last summer.
  7. it might be clawhammer whats the model#? if its ADAFX55ASBOX its clawhammer if its ADAFX55BNBOX it's sandiego
  8. ok, cpu-z says it's a clawhammer. I don't have the documentation to prove this, but I'll beleive it.

  9. ok thats why your overheating!
  10. Ok, so what do you recommend I do? New cooler, faster case fans, better thermal paste? I love playing video games and it would really suck if all of a sudden my core just up and melted! I haven't had many problems yet, but it still bothers me.

    Thanks for your reply!

  11. aw man... that's too bad :( try and trade it in for a San Diego... or something. Clawhammer isn't good.
  12. Wish I could, but it's an OEM and it's past 30 day warranty.
  13. I guess your kinda out of luck :( well... maybe try a more expensive cooling solution, like Peltier... that should keep it cool. Man, a Pentium D 955X runs cooler than that, with overclocking room too. *shakes head*
  14. i have a clawhammer too :) just an amd 3700... just keep it for now and dont worry about the temps till it reboots... i duno if this is correct but normally a computer will turn off rather than just die... another suggestion (if u dont do much lanning) is to get watercooling... if thats out of the question then the zalman with the 120mm fan would be enough cooling for even that chip... also, if its overclocked, put it back to stock speeds...
  15. Ya parlee is right get yourself some a nice zalman or coolermaster watercooling kit. oh and parlee did you notice that i have more post's than you hehe :lol:
  16. That's ok.

    When ever I build a new pc, there is always something that I don't get quite that well. I thought it would just be my graphics card this round! Guess you live and learn.

  17. you posted a lot of repeat posts and spam, while he made worthwhile posts.
  18. ya, i don't really have many problems with it. I have noticed a slight loss of framerate after playing a long time, but this is usually minor. I was looking at some higher cfm case fans for my lanboy. The ones that come in stock are relatively low in that department. Maybe a better ventilated case would be a good solution temperature and wallet wise!

  19. ha, i guess u could say that :P... but we are close! im gonna catch u soon... and by the way u kinda messed up with getting the x850pro too :P considering its just an overclocked x800 (overclocked by like 50 mhz?) but whatever it prob runs all ur games fine with no aa and af... by the way u cant say clawhammer is "bad" its just not the best amd core to be released, they are by no means bad, ur fx55 will run just as fast as the san diego one, but a bit hotter, there kinda like the prescotts of amd (except they dont suck :))... but anyway, i duno where u like to shop, online, retail whatever... but this is the cooler i was thinking of its actually a 92 mm fan, but its still pretty damn good. if u really need the 120mm (which u just may) the fatality one will be good enough to keep that chip cool, i duno if zalman makes a 120mm that isnt fatility, but if u find 1 get that instead, with the fatality ur paying about 10 more for the name... i bet u can get to the low 40's idle with that heatsink... if u buy that and find that its not enough cooling, get watercooling... it WILL keep that chip in the low 40's... id say try the fatality first (or a regular 120mm zalman) anyways, goodluck, and tell me how it works because i have the same problem (although im not as worried about it) with my 3700, idle is 49, full load is high 60's... so u arnt the only 1 with this problem...
  20. try leaving the case open... it can make quite a difference :)
  21. well if u know what the cfm for the fans are, that could be the problem too, if u said the chipset is running at 45... thats pretty warm for a chipset (in my experience at least, mine is never over 40)... if noise isnt a problem, try the thermaltake 100+ cfm fans, they come wit ha controller too so u can slow em if there too loud... that alone may lower temps, but if not read my previous post, the 120mm zalman will... (if it fits in ur mobo, make sure u check)
  22. Thanks a bunch. I was actually looking at the 9500 as a replacement (61.99 @ newegg), don't know about the fatality, it looks very similar to my current fan (not that that says anything). Maybe a combo of that and better case fans would be a good solution.

  23. I have a FX-55 Claw also. I highly recommend water cooling for it. If it was the 90nm (San Diego) chip you could get by on air but not with the clawhammer. I tried many different air cooling solutions and it ran very hot with each one. My gaming case is Lian Li PC7 with mucho fans front back and top so it was not an internal air flow issue. I went with the Corsair "COOL" kit and I'm very happy with it. 88F at idle / 109-115F load.

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  24. yea, the 92mm standup one should bring temps down about 5 degrees idle, the only real difference between the fatality and the one u have is the size, if u see them comparing its amazing how much bigger the fatality is... and yea, if u plan on keeping this card very cool, go get a watercooling kit, just remember that its kinda tough, and will pretty much make ur computer immobable... they are both about the same price though, so if u want to upgrade fans/heatsink then try that out, but watercooling will deffintly be cooler than the fans and heatsink u have meantioned...
  25. wow 40 geez mine never get's above 30c in winter it's 20c right now its snowing out side so the temps are let me check 19c what 19c 8O holy crap!
  26. no way, its probably about 2C in ur room right now... if u want to kinda "chill" ur computer, theres an air conditioned case, it doesnt drop temps by much (5C at most) but it could prove to be useful in ur situation... u have to buy the case too though, its 199 without a psu, and 299 with a psu (i think)... thats probably a bad idea since its expesnive and wont do a huge amount for u, id say, first upgrade the fans, if its still too hot for u, upgrade the heatsink, if its still too hot, return all that stuff and try out a watercooling kit... dont ask me to recommend one because i dont know anything about that :P
  27. parlee right now its -2c outside so yeah my temps are now 19c
  28. This is actually to everyone who posted.

    Thanks a bunch for your feed back. The whether here has recently turned cold, so maintaining a cool temp has been easier. I also enable cool n quiet, so now I idle at about 35C on the cpu. I ordered some adjustable high speed 120 mm fans from newegg and they should arrive tomorrow. I hope they'll help during the hot months. If not I can step up my upgrades from there.

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