IDE vs Scsi??

i recently got a bunch of free older P3 components and I am setting up a dual p3 1ghz system with the parts. So far I have

Asus CUV4X-DLS mobo
2xP3 1ghz 133fsb/256k cpus
4x256meg pc133 ram
Asus 9400 128meg video card AGP
Chaintech AV710 soundcard
4port USB 2.0 pci card
100gig Iomega portable usb hard drive(for storage only)ta1

So I need a small HD to install WinXP on, I will use the external for storage of pics and music and such. SO I need maybe a 20gig drive. The motherboard supporrts ATA100 and SCSI160. Will going with the SCSI drive give me a significant increase in performance over the IDE drive?? Id like to squeeze every drop of performace possible from this old system , its all I have for now. What do you think??
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  1. The SCSI will probably give better performance, but probably cost quiet a bit more.
  2. you can find a 15000 RPM 36GB SCSI for $90-100, that's the fastest thing out there. Or for that price you could get a 7200 RPM 200GB ide drive. definately gotta make a choice between speed and size.

    However, just saw this 10000 RPM 36GB SCSI for $23, free shipping and 1 year warranty. Seagate brand:

    Get yourself two of those, setup RAID 0 and you'd be rocking. Or get 5 (for the price of that one 15000 RPM) and setup RAID 0+1.
  3. SCSI would be marginally faster but for single user loads you aren't going to notice a difference on that machine. If it's a file server and you had 5-10+ people hitting it you would see a diff.
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