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HI all I have a BFG 6800GT AGP card that has an S-video out along with the 2 monitor hook ups in the back. I have recently started connecting this card to my 32" TV that has S-Video-in to watch television series I have recorded or downloaded while I have my normal 21” monitor for my computer duties.

I use the Nvidia control thingy to choose which display I want to send say Microsoft Windows Media Player out. It works!! But when I play a DivX movie for instance although the quality is ok I can note that the sides of the picture are not perfectly square on the TV. In fact they kinda look like they are a bit rounded on the edges like a monitor not properly set up will have. However most monitors allow you to fix this geometry thing and trapezoid issue but on my TV of course there is none. From my video options on my 6800 GT I can change colour and brightness and saturation but nowhere does it allow me to fix the actual picture. I have the TV detected fine by my video card and drivers and set to 60Hz. My question is am I doing something totally stupid? Will I ever have great picture quality with just S-video in from a VGA card to my TV? Are there better methods… does the software/player I use make a difference? Would I get better quality if I paid for the Nvida PureVideo decoder option or is the one that comes with Windows just as good? Should I just wake up and get a DVD player that plays DivX lol?
Again really the quality is good but just that glaring geometry issue that is only noticeable when there is a colour on the edges that it not pure black and then you can see what the actual picture looks like. Could it be a bad quality Svideo cable?
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  1. I haven't screwed with it recently but my old ATI 9600 Pro was the same way. It would only give me 1024x768 out and on my 32" it looked like an upside down trapezoid.

    So maybe it has to do with resolution???
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