Intel 478 with pci-e motherboard?

hi im looking to upgrade my intel 478 with pci-express..
ive come over two motherboards with pci-e

what should i choose?

ive also seen that one of these cards(cant remember where) supports 16x pcie, but only run 4x. is this true? i want only 16x pcie :D
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  1. I'd go for whichever one you can find. You'll be lucky to find any at venders in the USA. One vender in the UK had the first one, but I can't find the post. Or check ebay.
  2. Hi guys,

    I live in the UK and have found a vendor that are selling the cheaper asus p4GPL-x. Here is the link to the shop. I'm sure they would ship one out. I have looked everywhere for the p4gd1 and found a couple on ebay but they are going for 100-150 GBP. Would rather get the cheaper one and spend the rest on a better graphics card.

    good luck

  3. I have the P4GPL-X, good mobo. I noticed a significant speed up from the 875 chipset. Overall the computer runs smoother. Unfortunately it only supports 2 DIMMs of memory, so if you're thinking of upgrading memory get the other one.
  4. well you are not going to find one in the us, zip zoom fly had the asus p4rs400 but they dont have it in stock and are not expecting asus to ship them more.
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