BFG and EVGA Oc'ed 7800 GS comparison review wasnt right

The BFG and EVGA 7800 GS comparison review wasnt accurate, and confusing(no offence)

You guys claim at the end of your review that the EVGA superclocked 7800 GS card is the best out of all the other cards, including the BFG 7800 GS. How is this when the BFG 7800 Beats the EVGA 7800 GS about 70% of the time in your framerate tests. For some reason the Evga superclock dips at least 10 frames lower in the minumum framerate section of games like FEAR and Doom, as well as one other. The BFG also seems to have higher frames in a couple of games. Im talking about the 1024x768 section of each game. Could yall please explain this to me as i am now confused as to why a Underclocked BFG 7800 Gs could beat a 7800 Superclock in a number of games. I now dont know which on to get. Plus did you have any crashing issues due the the oc'ed cards.
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  1. Don't get the 7800GS period, get a 6800GS for $100 cheaper and it won't perform that much worse and you can unlock the extra Pipelines and Processors and get up to 6600 in 3D05 (Damn near the 7800GS).

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  2. Quickdraw Magraw is right. Hes always right. Keep up with those fastfacts, ey M^3 Ike.
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