psu probelm... or worse?

I had an Antec 550W Truepower 2.0 running my computer for the last 3 months. Today, i was opening up world of Warcraft and my computer just shut off. I could smell that wonderful smell of some electronic device burning.
the load on the power supply is as follows:

asus a8n sli premium mobo
2x evga 7800gt's
2x hitachi 250 gb sata drives
seagate 200 gb drive
nec dvd burner
toshiba dvd rom/ cdrw
floppy drive
possibly too much for 550w? maybe just a faulty psu?
the power on light on the motherboard is still on when it's plugged in, but the power button avails nothing.

I put in a different power supply and the computer starts, but it goes no further than stating the processor and the memory. It just sits and does nothing. It doesn't go on to detect any drives or anything.

Did something possibly short on my motherboard and that was the burning smell? Could a short on the mobo have ruined the psu at the same time?

I would figure that a short on the mobo would prevent it from doing anything. Ideas? I have my HDs in raid 0... so would there be any way to recover the array if i did have to get a new mobo? or would i just have to lose the past 2 months worth of homework assignments?

this is also being posted in the mobo part of the forum. thank you in advance.
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  1. something definately died..

    my Guess is that a power spike came through and fried your PSU. (how old is your surge protector?).

    Another posibility is the PSU just up and died.

    In either case, it sounds like the dying PSU took 1 or more components with it. time to start diagnostics to figure out what died.
    id start by removing everything from the motherboard save the cpu. Turn it on and you should get a series of beeps which is the mb complaining of no memory. shut it off, add memory sticks. turn it on, see if you get more beeps - this time it will be complaining about no video card. shut it off - Add 1 video card. and so on and so forth

    keep adding components back in until you find the one that is dead & go from there.
  2. 500watt psu is capable enough to power your system but not if it's broken.

    Remove your psu and used it on different pc that you know is good.
  3. Well you do have a lot of components in your system but a 550 TruePower should be able to handle that easily.

    I didn't see you mention what kind of CPU you have but that shouldn't matter much even if it is dual core you should have enough power.

    Since you tried to boot with another power supply it is possible that something else may be broken in your system as well. What kind of PSU did you use btw?

    I would speculate your PSU and or motherboard are likely both toast.

    Have you checked to see if the smell is stronger in a certain area? Usually when something explodes the burning smell is strongest in the approximate area where the part died.

    Have there been any power disruptions in your area recently? Any stormy weather? Lightning strikes or anything like that?

    Please take a bright flashlight and carefully examine your motherboard for burn marks, any exploded capacitors or other components that appear damaged.

    Make sure you check the ATX power connector for burn marks, I had an ECS motherboard short out on me once and it melted the motherboard ATX PWR connector and the ATX PWR connector on the power supply too.

    Please take high-res pix if possible and post them here.

    Your RAID 0 is a problem :-(

    WARNING :!:

    First off a few words of caution: attempting to recover your data the wrong way can actually lead to complete data loss so whatever you do, do NOT try to write to the drives or take them out of the array!

    Make sure you LABEL them before touching them in any way. You need to document which drive was connected to which connector, etc.

    DO NOT allow anything to write to those drives and do not perform any operations in the RAID controller such as creating or deleting the array or anything like that.


    Your data is almost certainly gone UNLESS you can get a working motherboard which is identical to your current motherboard and you get VERY lucky. Even an identical motherboard might be not be able to "see" the array. Getting an identical motherboard is pretty much your BEST BET.

    There are other ways to recover RAID 0 data however it is very complex and the success rate is quite low ( a professional data recovery company MAY be able to retrieve your data for a hefty fee $800 - $8000 USD ). A Linux / Unix guru might be able to do it as well if you know one. I personally know a few tricks and have recovered data for friends, family and coworkers before but I have to be honest with you RAID 0 is a major pain when it breaks. If you want I can try to recover your data for you but there are not guarantees whatsoever.

    Since your parts are rather new you should have no problem getting them RMA'd however before you RMA anything please take high-res high-quality pictures of the components, document all the part and version numbers on your motherboard and label all your hard drives before disconnecting and replacing anything. You must try to maintain the HDDs in the right order to try to recover the RAID 0 array at a later time.

    Information you should try to collect:

    motherboard model and revision numbers

    BIOS version numbers

    the numbers printed on your chipset and SATA controllers ( if there is no heatsink in the
    way )

    I hope this helps!

    Semper Fi Linux on!
  4. Well i tried re-hooking up the antec supply, and it worked again. But only to the first part of the post. Still froze before detecting the hard drives.

    I have the bios and revision, as well as the locale of the hard drives all documented. After i took the motherboard off to check for burns, i couldn't find any. When my bass amp shorted a year or so back, there was a blatent burn where the circuit blew (this was after me and a friend thought putting a screw where the fuse was was a good idea).

    Either way i emailed asus and the guy sent me a phone number and told me it needed to be returned to them... So i think i'll just do that... hopefully i won't be computer-less for too long. I'll get back in touch about restoring the raid...
    but thankfully this time (i've lost the raid on accident twice before... this is the first time i'm not to blame- ha!) i put all my pirated programs on my non-raided drive, so i won't have to endure the agony of downloading them.

    Thanks a lot for all your help and suggestions. Oh, btw i'm from the USA. chicago represent...
  5. chi town n da hizzi!
  6. Some thing on the mobo shortcircuited or one of your ram modules might be bad same thing happened to me once replaced the mobo twice stiil screwed up then put in corsair ram and boom no problems!
  7. Did you determine where the smell was most intense? That is likely the location of the blown part or parts.

    I'm 8 hours East of you by the way so you're welcome to bring it over to the depot for maintenance :D

    If you have a DMM jumper pins 14 and 15 on the PSU ATX connector, plug it into AC and check all the voltages.

    Over and out :D
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