1 long beep code ?

HELP PLEASE! I have an old 1gig p3 on an asus cusl2 mobo that was working great. This system has been layin around about 3 or 4 months and i robbed a few parts from it, now trying to get back going. I tried to boot up and it gives me one long beep code, nothing to the monitor. I have went over and over every connection, jumper, tried 3 different graphics cards, reset cmos, reseated ram. Can't find any info on 1 long beep code....? any help or suggestions

Thanks, POP
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  1. Consult your motherboard manual, or visit the web site to find what the BIOS Beep Code stands for.
  2. I have read my manual and googled beep codes only thing similar is one long beep followed by two short beeps. which is graphics problem.
  3. what parts did you take from it?
  4. I took out the graphic card, lynks card, and heatsink. reinstalled the same h/s, left out the lynks, changed the video card
  5. lynks? dont you mean the harddrive cable? i know some ppl who call the hd cables lynks.( their british or australian i think)
  6. you meant card lynksys card right sorry disregard the last post okay did you reuse the linksys card and graphics card i think that the system is beeping cause you changed the hardware configuration.
  7. on my mobo 1 long beep is a ram problem, i know this because i forgot to push my memory all the way in when installing it :D
  8. Thanks all, i have read up and found that one long beep is ram related. I tried reseating and different banks with no luck, maybe dig up another stick of 133 and try.

    thanks again
  9. ok you know what ram to get? if not get corsair or ocz
  10. I have the same problem, and I've tried the same thing with replacing RAM modules but with no luck at all.
    Since there are two memory modules on my computer, and it's hard that both of them died, I suspect it is a mobo problem. Does anyone have some new ideas?
  11. one long beep means cpu, ram, gpu are ok but motherboard has malfunctioned
  12. well, one long beep generally indicates the auxiliary power to the graphic card is not properly connected.
    try to check that out.
    hope this helps.
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