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I'm a long time builder of my own systems, but i'm relatively new to the overclocking scene. I've recently heard that opterons can be overclocked really easily and will exceed even FX-57 performance for really cheap. Being the tightwad that i am, I figured i'd look into this.

Is there a downside to the opteron chips in a gaming rig? And what one would be the best bang for the buck(read: $200ish)? the 148?
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  1. the 146 and the opty can oc like crazy(ahhhhhhh me so crazy)crazier than crizazy kid on ritalin!
  2. Here is a review on the opty 165 dual core!

    The single core opty's do OC like mad but this little dullie is just as good
  3. not considering price, which opty processor kicks the most ass? And which core is better, the denmark, or the italy????
  4. denmark italy requires registered and ecc ram and that can hamper ocing efforts
  5. i've got a opty 170 and it is overclocked to 2.6 stock voltage stable it would probably go to 2.8 or 3 but i've not had the time to really play with it i've owned it for about a month i would highly reccomend it
  6. As per sig
  7. thanks for the replies. i'm gonna pick up a 146 and OC it with stock voltage on a DFI Lanparty XXX till i can afford to cool it properly :p
  8. 3000+ venice oc like crazy too.
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