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i am loking to get a new sound card that will improve sound recordings music and in game sounds. i am currently using the onboard sound on my a8n32-sli deluxe but want to know what benifits i would get from a sound card and what you could recomend to me?
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  1. On board sound is terrible.

    I would recommend an SB X-Fi if you can afford it otherwise any decent SB Audigy would do ( even the Value series ).

    A decent sound card has hardware audio acceleration which reduces CPU utilization and greatly improves sound quality.
  2. Creative labs is realy the only game around for high end audio. The audigy or x-fi are what you would need if recording, they have a front bay with inputs for everything. If you do any midi the creative sound banks are real nice.
    In game you can get a few more fps with a card, it takes some of the load off the cpu. EAX is also a benefit. They have a good software bundle too.
  3. This thread seems to apply for my question, so I'm not starting a new one.

    I too have read (here and elsewhere) that a sound card is a better answer when gaming for performance reasons, besides offering better sound. My case, however may alter these recommendations just a little.
    I am deaf in one ear, so I have NO sense of direction for sound and do not hear stereo. I do appreciate clarity and full frequency response, but 2.1 sounds like 5.1 sounds like 7.1, all of which sound like mono.
    For purely performance reasons, what would be a good sound board for me? My mobo is an Abit NF4 with 7.1 sound, but I'm only going to be using a 2.1 arrangement.
  4. I would say Audigy2 Value or better.

    In some cases you can experience sound through your bones because they are a good conductor for sound waves.

    Semper Fi Linux on!
  5. Last month I upgraded from my onboard 5.1 AC'97 to an Audigy 4. The card cost me about $80 and I bought some Creative I-Trigue speakers. I hear a decent amount of improvement in music and gaming sound. I would say it was well worth the investment for me, not to mention that I got the nifty remote control that Creative throws in with their cards. I believe the sound is much more crisp and I actually hear some details that I didn’t hear before in some of my games and musically I have a better depth of sound.

    In all honesty though, what sounds good to me may not sound good to anyone else so I have to agree that only you would know if the investment in a card is for you. I know that I do not regret it and I enjoy the improvement in software and sound quality.
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