AM2 chipset to support 800 MHZ DDR2

I wonder how much of a performance boost this will give them with their built in memory controller. Should be good stuff :)

This is also good news for memory manufacturers as well because they will sell a bunch of high end ram. What is not so good is 800MHZ DDR2 costs more, but if its faster I'm in.

-A.K.A. Jimbomanx-
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  1. From what I understand, its supposed to post performance gains of up to 20%
  2. I've been suprised Intel made the DDR2 leap so quick and AMD didn't, especially considering the RAMBUS fiasco.
  3. The performance boost will hardly be 2-digits

    AMD always lets the others do stuff first and after a few years they adopt it too.
  4. Ycon,

    That proves smart, at least in situations like Rambus etc.. Sometimes though, it seems like they "should" be rolling into something that they are "choosing" not to.

    Anyways, it'll be a moot point once AM2 comes out.
  5. Incinarator:

    I'm sorry I've posted the same article. I apologize for not seing it before.
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