Diffs betweeen 480 and 482 mobo? ATX vs Micro ATX?

I am wanting to use an MSI mobo MSI RS480M-IL with an ATX form factor for a new PC. Problem is I cant find that mobo sold at NEWEGG-instead NEWEGG sells an MSI RS482M-IL Socket 754 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. How is this 482 mobo different from the 480 mobo? If I have an ATX case, can I put a micro ATX form factor mobo inside or do I need to buy a special case?
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  1. dude it's the same thing just it has a few more features added mostly a firewire port and extra sata.
  2. I have an MSI mATX mainboard, not entirely sure which model it is, got it off ebay with no documentation. cpu-z tells me it has the rs482 chipset whilst pcmark05 tells me it's rs480. The ebay listing claimed the model no. was RX480M2-IL.

    Still from what I can make out from the MSI website they seem to use the same bios, which I need to update at some point as I have all kinds of annoying little problems.

    Otherwise it seems to perform okay, although I think I'll be upgrading at some point soon... to a mobo that isn't MSI!
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