Need to know what PSU to use!

Firstly I am still learning about hardware and this is my first time building my own PC from scratch. I am building a machine with an ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 925XE ATX Intel Motherboard. I have no idea what PSU to use as far as voltage, wattage, or amps. Noise and price are not a factor as long as it puts out the amount of power needed to run my board, 2x80GB hard drives, 1XDVD-RW, 1xCD-RW, and 3 120mm fans. Any feedback would be much appreciated. :)
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  1. go on this site if you are too lazy to check yourself(like me :wink: )then you need a 500 w psu(assuuming that you are using the 630 and 2 sticks of ram right?)
  2. Thank you for the link the site was very helpful. I only have one other question can you put to much power into a machine. For instance it recomends a 330w PSU, but would it hurt to put something a little larger say a 350 or 400 in it? In case of future upgrades or added parts or just for a little extra kick.
  3. no

    For future upgrades, a bigger PSU will suit you well, as you will not have to purchase another.

  4. no way dude bigger powersupply unit is better but your electric bill goes higher!
  5. Quote:
    no way dude bigger powersupply unit is better but your electric bill goes higher!

    No it doesn't!

    Have you had physics clases in your school?

    Bigger power supply wouldn't draw more power than needed by PC, or equal to that of smaller! It all depends ONLY on unit efficiency.

    The electric bill should be the same for power supplies with same efficiency, however bigger power supply would also be quietter!
    Bigger power supplies might be more efficient due to better design and construction.
  6. i would like to suggest the enermax brand to you if you haven't decided what brand yet.. very reliable and in the psu buisness for a while. If you want the best psu, then get pc power and cooling or pcp&c. At least a 400w psu from either brand.
  7. I can recommend you to use HEC 550 WinPower PSU. This PSU goes well in hand. This is what im using right now. Here's my specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    Epox 8KDA3J mobo
    Sapphire X800Pro VC
    2x512mb GEIL value Ram
    HEC 550 WinPower PSU
    2x80gb Seagate Barracuda
    3x40gb Seagate Barracuda
    ASUS CD-Writer
    ASUS DVD rom

    and with all of these, i still have a lot of power left. thank for my PSU. my PC is running so well right now.
  8. Quote:
    no way dude bigger powersupply unit is better but your electric bill goes higher!

    I just got a new PSU that's nearly twice as large as my old one. I'm only using the same amount of power (in fact even more since I OC'ed my CPU, got a 6800GS, and added 2 RAM sticks) and the electric bill is the same or about the same as before.
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