New install of windows 7 with ta760g mobo and now getting random blackscreen

Hello, Building new pc and I am getting random blackscreens. Some times before windows7 starts sometimes hours after windows has beeen running. My mobo is ta760gm2 with athlonx2 4850, corsair tx750, ocz fatality 2x2gb, velociraptor 74gb hd and wd caviar black 1tb hd. CPU never gets over 46c I have tryied reinstalling the os several times and got many updates completed.
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  1. I am thinking that your video card or motherboard is failing.
  2. soundguruman said:
    I am thinking that your video card or motherboard is failing.

    tried different video cards including the onboard but still is causing crashs...

    However not once has it crashed while still in bios.

    I am using all the same parts with exception to the mother board and cpu now and I am not having any issues.

    Biostar claims bios update suppports windows7 but could this still cause problems? A freind suggested that it could be a lousy support update?

    I was offered a 780chipset driver, which claims windows 7 support, to try using these drivers on my 760 board. 780 is 760 predessesor and may work with it??? Laziness failed to mention the reverse comapatability??? any thoughts?
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