How do you find out what kind of motherboard you have (without opening case, which right now is just kind of a pain right now) if you have a pc that you bought (hp)?

I am wanting to know this because I am wanting to know if my computer will support a dual-core processor.
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  1. Call up HP's Tech support, give them the model number, and ask them. Alternatively, you could tell us the model number, and we could probably let you know as well with a little web searching (which you're capable of doing yourself).
  2. Its more than likely a foxconn motherboard. Although I have seen them use msi boards also.
    Best thing to do is call hp tech support and ask them.

    I tried a web search but nothing really. Dont say if its 754 or 939 pin.
  3. I did try...but it is a a1130e with a amd athlon 3500+.
  4. Yep it will work from hp's web site

    Mother Board Spec
  5. I have always liked the free Belarc Advisor to quickly tell me what's on a computer. The new version also has a check on security settings.
    Faster than an answer from HP? :lol:
  6. Cpu-z is a free download that should give your board info.
  7. Quote:
    Yep it will work from hp's web site

    Mother Board Spec
    WOW! Thanks a bunch...I tried to find it on hp's site, but I could not. You have nice searching skills!
  8. Yeah I had already tried that, but it said something that I could not understand...I guess it was the name of the mobo, although it did not look like it.
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