Memory timings not available??

Hi all!

I´m a little puzzled about my new pc´s BIOS.

My system:
ASUS A8N32 SLI deluxe
Kingston KVR400X64C3AK2/2G RAM
AMD 64 4000+
geforce 7800 GT

the problem is, that i would like to change the memory settings in the BIOS, but i cant.
The memory settings are "greyed out" and so is the "DRAM ECC Enable" setting.

So i cant get to change the Trcd, trp, trwt....and so on.

What could be the problem?
I will be the first to admit to being a BIOS n00b :D

Thx in advance.
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  1. try a manual configurantion, yours is set up tu automatic(by spd).
  2. i have tried setting different settings to manual, but it is still "greyed out"
  3. Yeah you can manually adjust it by setting the ram controller from auto to expert or something like that. Then you would be able to manually adjust the ram value.

    Or put everything to manual or expert.
  4. i have just opdated the bios to 1009 and now everything works fine.
    thx for your help guys :)

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