hard drive overheating?

I have a problem, after i recently bought a brand new mother board and graphics card my pc has been going a bit strange, for instance when i put the side hatch of the pc back on after doing something ie. tidying up wires, it takes o while longer for the bios to post but when it does and it boots up into windows i cant get into my computer(the folder)it just takes ages showing that torch thing shineing on the folder but when it does find it a generally have a harddrive missing! could this be a heating problem or something hardware wise? ps if i dont get this fixed my mum wont be too happy!
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  1. If you can't access your harddrive, probably your computer have been infected w/ a virus or some malwares. Try to reinstall a fresh copy of windows.
  2. Might be a bad HD controller on the mobo, or as you suspect the HD itself. It's very unlikely to be a virus and Shorty has proven that he doesn't belong in these forums yet again with his poor advice. Other things it might be are bad BIOS settings, or that you bunged up installing the chipset drivers for the mobo. Could be as simple as a half-assed cable connection. Maybe if you tell us exactly what you got and what you did with it someone can help you.
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