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For the past couple of weeks I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning my system is sitting at a blank desktop. Sometime during the night it will randomly reboot. I have checked the event logs but notice nothing out of the ordinary. I originally thought the problem could be due to the fact that I was nearly maxing out my PSU so I bought a heftier PSU for safety. Can't hurt right? :P

I was wondering what sort of things could be causing these sorts of random crashes? When it first started Event Log showed hardware failure. It did turn out to be a Hard Drive was shorting itself and rebooting the system, that has since been replaced. Now I am getting no indications of what could be causing these crashes. Any ideas as to what else I can check for as logs go to find out what's happening?
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  1. MB or RAM would be my next guess, any instability in those could cause numerous unwanted activites including crashes.

    Break out the diagnostic tools!
  2. I thought about that and ran MemTest on it for a day straight and it came up with no errors.

    Any ideas on non-invasive ways to test if it's the motherboard?
  3. Another big thing that causes that among gaming machines especially would be overheating of some sort.

    Weither it be:

    A) Graphics Device

    B) CPU.

    C) Hard-drive.

    sometimes even ram can cause it.

    But the most probable culprit(s) would be over heating generally your graphics device.

    Or your machine is dirty and laiden with dust and dirt that it is choking everything up thus another cause of over heating.

    Try cleaning out your machine.
  4. I don't believe it's a temperature issue, and definately not a dust issue. When I installed my new power supply I did a pretty thorough cleaning of dust.

    As far as temperatures go nothing is really all that hot.
    Vid card: 58C
    CPU: 42C (at 100% load due to BOINC)
    HD: 38C-42C (depends on how close they are to the intake fans)

    Is it possible that this is a software related issue?
  5. Is this entirely possible? I removed all of my bluetooth connections from the computer and now it seems I'm not rebooting anymore? Can bluetooth seriously be the cause of my crashing?
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