NAS for Backup.... swapping

Here's what we're lookin to build

Network attached storage.

anywhere from 5 to 7 hot swappable Drives (preferably SATA)

will not be doing any heavy duty number crunching. but be used purely to
backup all our existing servers and databases on a daily basis

be able to run some form of backup agent that will poll the networks and backup specific databases


what we basically plan to do is have a rotating schedule where everyday back's up to a different hard drive.

EG, Monday would be Disc 1. Tuesday Disc 2, and so on and so fort for 1 week than start again.
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  1. "Attach Up to Two USB 2.0/1.1 Drives* For Additional Storage"

    not a suitable solution

    read my requirements wusy.. you know better:P

    as i said.

    oh nevermind.. you know what. fucking Lazy IT guy can swap the drives himself every other day. this is a good idea rather than buying some $7K server that a box can do instead
  2. hi..

    you can start from a Case like this Case 8 X Hotswap or Case 6 X Hotswap

    you can use a mobo with 8 Sata or SATA Controller Card to build your own NAS
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