What can you actually play on integrated graphics?

My friend just bought a new computer from a store, probably futureshop unfortunatly, and it cost between 1500-2000cad. it is a media centre, and he thinks he has the best graphics card you can get. he says he knows a lot about computer, but he says its an integrated graphics card. he says intel 519 or something, i think he's talking about the chipset, cause i don't think intel makes graphics cards.

My question is... what can you actually run on integrated graphics, gamewise? :?:
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  1. Well from what i understand, they absolutely suck for gaming. They dont have dedicated RAM, they use a portion of your system ram to do their job. What model PC does he have? Someone here can look up the specs (as you can too) to see what its got in it. And intel makes intel extreme integrated graphics chips, not cards from what i know.
  2. Pretty much any old DirectX 7 game.

    If you're lucky, DirectX 8 games that the developers bothered to check compatibility with.

    And DirectX 9 games with a DirectX 8 path or lower, that also had a team of developers who gave a crap...
  3. you can play some old emulator games on that like mario and legend of zelda and you could play probably red alert 2 like my cuz does with his crappy intel integrated graphics.
  4. Lol, intergrated graphics cards are teh sux! He would have no chance in playing any of the latest games. Maybe he could play sumin like Counter stike 1.6 or some fairly old games.
  5. i can play red alert 2 with my crappy 366mhz integrated everything 96mb ram, i think it can do better than that. Has anyone ever heard of the game Emperor: Battle for Dune, its the limit of what my computer can play, late 2001-summer 2002 is usually where games are too good for my computer. When i get my new one next week, i want to get fear,bf2,cod2, but also want to play about 5 games that don't work on this like, world war 3 balck gold, s.w.i.n.e(funny pigs vs rabbits for carrotland rts game), dogs of war, red alert2( which for some reason wouldn't work after i reformatted my hd for the fisrt time, must have been some programs deleted or something,, oh and empire earth which starts up, does intro, and then magically shuts down.

    anyways do you think integrated could play age of empires 3?
  6. Quote:
    anyways do you think integrated could play age of empires 3?

    I would have to say no. Well, not with a good FPS anyways.
  7. seeing as my geforce mx420 struggled with age of empires 3, i am going to say definately no. To age of empires 3 that is.
  8. that's what sucks about packages from hp and such cause the best graphics i ever saw on one was from MDG(canada) and it was an x300 not pro, which the total system cost 1300cad, and i almost bought, but then i decided to go learn about hardware on the internet about 2 months ago and learned just how bad that really is.

    just a thought, what is the worst PCIe card available now.
  9. Quote:
    anyways do you think integrated could play age of empires 3?

    I'd bet NO.
  10. Quote:

    anyways do you think integrated could play age of empires 3?

    It's more taxing(Graphically) then most first person shooters.
  11. how is that system working out for you. its close to what i'm getting
    athlon 3700+ 2.2ghz(plan to overclock to 2.6ghz
    ocz el platinum 2-2-2-5 ram
    asus a8n sli premium
    eVGA 7800gt co 470mhz
    creative x-fi extreme music

    how much did yours cost, mine is costing 2600 plus tax, shipping, insurance at 3119 cad
    however this includes z5500 speakers and g5 mouse
    about 400 extra
  12. Mine was about 2,400USD (Had extra RAM from previous build) and then another 400 for my 2nd LCD monitor.
  13. i forgot mine also includes a viewsonic e90fb 1900x1240 or whatever crt for 250 and aerocool 2 case
  14. You guys are pretty bias, and you guys have not even read about this card, in fact I think Anda Tech or this site did a report on intel integrated cards. That card can play all the latest games, but not on the highest settings, in fact i have this card in my bussiness comp, and it runs WoW, and Doom 3, no problems. Really do research before you start calling these cards crap, but if that guy wants to play F.E.A.R or anything, tell him to pop a 6800gs in there, because money is tight for teens, and he should be good to go. :P

    P.S. If he is rich, tell him to get the 7800gt, no need for a 5% increase with the GTX
  15. Quote:
    just a thought, what is the worst PCIe card available now.

    If I'm doing a system without onboard graphics I will usually use one of these, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814121538

    No complaints, if anyone can reccomend something else from leadtek/asus at that price (or cheaper) that would be better for PCI-E let me know, I'll be keen to explore other options.
  16. I'm 16 and look at my system. you don't have to be rich, just save.
    AND... i did defend it a bit by saying about my stupid comp i have now and it must be better than people say, however, playing everything on low is not my idea of good, satifactory, acceptable, or any other word like that, its a bottom of the barrel graphics solution, thats what i'll say.
  17. Quote:
    anyways do you think integrated could play age of empires 3?

    I'd bet NO.

    Yeah, I'd say it's a no go. Game needs 64MB video ram and Hardware T&L support. To my knowledge, there aren't any Intel graphics that support Hardware T&L. Big list of unsupported Video chipsets.
  18. I can play the Medal of Honor series ( not Pacific Assault ), and the new Quake 4 game on my board. Game plays really well, but on-line game play is terrible, ( medal ) . You can have a really good ping, but the lack of a graffx cards really cuts into how well you can play there. Thats about the most demanding games for onboard video.
    It's a Biostar 6100/939
  19. cuz is an rts fan so nearly anf rts game you play he masters he pwns me all the time on any rts game
  20. who?
  21. Just to answer some questions.
    The number one Graphical solution provider in the world is NOT
    Nvidia, ATI, XGI or Matrox.....its Intel. They sell more GMA based
    boxes than anything else.


    Bias?? On what grounds? First off, its not even a video card...per-say.
    Its a GMA = sucks. Anything DX9 will most likely get rapped pretty bad.
    Of course your exception would be @ 800x600 no AA, AF view distance, terrain detail, enviroments, etc...

    Granted WoW isnt a huge GPU demanding game. I have a box with an
    integrated G4MX 64mb...it plays WoW 1024x768 low detail and achieve 22-25FPS.

    BTW, I would love to see some benchies of that machine with your GMA running Doom3. Of course, when you play @ 640x480...I"m sure it runs fine. I had a 9700 pro that still occasionally gave me some low frames @ 1024x768.

    Were not bias...in this sense. Were simply stating what the better solution is.
  22. that's what i was trying to say, but i think you put it better. 8)
  23. Well put Raven.

    I am also curious to see some benchmarks on that system with Doom3. Lets get some FRAPS action and record a small video with FPS in the corner. Any guesses? 5, maybe 10 FPS?
  24. my cousin wojtek(i think thats how you spell it)he loves rts even his gf has had enuf of his rts habit i tell ya if he moved to south korea he would pwn all the l337s in starcraft!
  25. Iown starcraft lol
    took me a while to figure out how to play those fastest ma possible things but when i did, can't be beat.
  26. GMA 900(i915G) and 950(i945G) In Doom 3 averaged 7 and 10 fps at 10x7 high - http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/mainboard/ati-xpress-200-ie-chipset.html
  27. no dude seriuosly my cousin is like the rts king he knows every move evry tactic evrything about it in ra2 he pwned 5 guy's in a few minutes using engineer's and rhino tanks the other 2 quit out of fear!
  28. See you guys know nothing of this card, go out to your local comp store and test run it, it will be on HP or so. Guys and yes these cards even support pixel shaders and vertex shaders, and H&L. They are not made for extreme gaming but they can run these games, and I run Doom 3 at 800x600 on this system, and I cant install frap on it, its not for gaming, its my bussiness comp, meaning all my paper work. I only tested the games on this, because my friend said something on this card, and now these games are long gone from this comp. But the game did run, but not any higher than 50 fps.
  29. LOL For you 'IGP SUCK' weenies... Lets get a clue. ATI Radeon Xpress 200 and GeForce 6100/6150 are DX8/9(mostly) IGPs. nForce 2 IGP was a DX7/8(barely) card(basically an MX420) These IGPs weren't the "omfg pwn" cards of their time - but they do hold their own.

    I've owned an nForce 2 IGP board(well, 3 of them) and now my father uses a GeForce 6150 based board. He plays Doom 3 @ 1024x768, HL2 @ the same, AoE III, Matrix: Path of Neo, Farcry, and that's about it since that's all we have. All the games are running at no AA, but high detail settings otherwise and this card powers it fine.

    Now, before you rant and rave that it isn't his GPU that's allowing him to do this - he's running (at stock) a 3200+ Venice A64, with 512mb of crappy value ram(Apacer DDR 2700 cl 2.5) He's got a 160gb 7200rpm hdd, so its not slow but its not fast.

    Basically - IGPs aren't the best cards in the world, but just because Intel's IGPs aren't exactly the best doesn't mean all IGPs suck. Even the new GMA can run most new games at low res/low settings... and not to get off topic but play Farcry(or any new game) on low res/low detail and finish it. Then play the game again at high res/high detail - I bet that unless you're a very avid gamer that you get bored the 2nd time around.

  30. I have a x300 in my system currently. I can run BF2 lowest settings possible, 800x600@ about 3-7fps. CS:S at 1024x768, all low, no AA at around 25-30fps with no action and 13-20 in combat. They aren't good cards.
  31. They're pretty good in 2D games, so if you're into pong, pacman and tetris as well as solitaire, the onboard graphics would be the sh!t.
  32. Quote:
    Guys and yes these cards even support pixel shaders and vertex shaders, and H&L.

    Umm, Original Poster is referring to Intel Integrated graphics not a "card". He mentions Intel 519, which he probably means i915G which equals GMA900. Anway, right from Intel themselves... Intel® graphics products do not have hardware support for T&L . " Age of Empires 3 requires Hardware T&L and the Intel's are listed as not supported.

    Here are some D3 and FC benchies. http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/mainboard/ati-xpress-200-ie-chipset.html
  33. That was an awesome game. I thought my sli will choke. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  34. In another fourm someone ran 3dmark05 on his work computer with GMA950, scored like 200(must have wasted all day.)

    Intel makes more GPUs than anyone, and sells them at $7 a piece. Games can run on them slow, if the program works with Intel's drivers.

    The real bad part is this computer may not have a PCI-E x16 slot. To upgrade you need a regular PCI card. The best I've seen is a geforce 6100. You may never even run Windows Vista with one.
  35. That's just stupid.
    First: What was the point about getting bored after playing the game twice, that has nothing to do with graphics, what are you going to do, play through just to see every difference, no. Graphics just adds to the feel of the game, your ability to do well in some cases.

    Second: I've been playing the same games on this 366 for a long time now, and if its a good game i don't get bored after 2 times playing it eg. starcraft, red alert 2, unreal tournament: game of the year edition, age of emipres 2 etc.

    Third: If the shitty graphics chip can only play some current games when it brand new, what the point. In 6 months, it won't be able to play any. And don't say "oh then buy an ok card" that's stupid, buy a decent card like 6800 or 7800gt now and in a year when it ca only play on low, buy another middle of the line card.
  36. As others have said, we're not biased. I simply know what is better for games, so I spend the extra money for it. Also, take a screenshot of Doom3 on your computer, post it; I'll do the same.
  37. I already said, I can't, its not on my bussiness comp anymore............ and I have not even started on my gameing pc yet...... :( ....... In fact it wasn't even my game. In fact I was the same as you guys, saying that Integrated cards can't do crap, but after my friend proved to me they had some what abillity to perform, I changed my mind. These cards are cheap, they don't last long, but they last now. Im just waiting for my Income taxes for my new gameing pc, last graphics card died, and I didn't feel like making a new build ATM with the cash I had.
  38. so why did you defend integrated before, i think you just lost your arguement, and then decided to contradict yourself to save face.
  39. heh 8) busted
  40. i think the worst pci e video card is a 6200... some have 32mb memory :P
  41. NO im defending the fact that you guys said it was shit, its not shit. they perform, but they are not the best, but they can play games.
  42. IF ur a Gamer of any kind Onboard isn't good for u

    it's that simple, no onboard can run HL2 and Fear, even @ Low Settings
  43. technically it can run those games, just not at decent frames :) i think hl2 ran at a barely barable 20fps but thats a guess (i know toms did an article not to long ago about this tho)
  44. You guys are talking about on board graphics like all on board solutions are the same, which they are not. I'm sure high end on board systems can play some of the more recent 3-d titles (on lower settings). If you really want to talk about the subject someone needs to specify which integrated graphics we are talking about.
  45. So your friend I"m assuming moved to Soeul, SK??
    I feel bad, he needs a social life.

    Back when I was sitting on my Dual k62's...my best rec on one of my many accounts was 463-39..... I'd say I faired alright.

    Been two years since I've played Broodwar. Maybe we should get a match going....anybody feel like some 1vs1???

    @ Danger

    I'm sorry, but dug out my old 9250, threw that in my northy reached 18-22FPS average on DOOM3 @ 800x600. That is a 64meg card, but with 512mb aperture size. I know for a fact thats better if not just as good as most IGP's. So if you disable AA, AF, shadows, detail...anything else.....
    Yes, DOOM3 MIGHT be playable. But from what I've seen and where I stand, its just not happening.
  46. vette guy my cuz wojtek is the master of rts
  47. @ Raven

    Well see Raven you even said that you threw it in, and I know for a fact that new IGP's have come out from intel. So yes, if his comp has the newest Intel IGP he can run those games at lowest settings, and most likely a stable 30fps. Also to note, some games don't support intel, like Americas Army, so becarefull on what games you buy.
  48. Engineers and R=rhino tanks, ha!
    He probably built the tech tree fast enough to build a flak track, had 5 engineers built, and sent it and his original tanks at the base and caputered the construction yard, the computer uses that tactic. You want to know how to beat it? put walls around the con yard and/or when the flak track comes, take it out immediatly, run the guys over, then focus all fire on each tank 1 at a time and they will fall or take enough damage they aren't effective.
    My friend once said he was unbeatable at starcraft, he invited me over to play on his network at home, he's rich and has 4 computers, all new. I beat him in 10 minutes and that was the first time i ever played a human, in any game.
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