zalman 9500 vs vapochill micro?

ok i know these two are some of the baddest of the bad cpu coolers on the market today w/o delving into water/TEC/phase change cooling...

but which one would you guys recommend and why?

(the case I will be using will have a back 120mm fan right behind the cpu chip)

vapochill specs:

zalman specs:

both are about the same price, so that's not an issue, and I'm not a for looks guy either, so I don't care that the vapochill doesn't have the 'cool, sexy blue LED' either...
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  1. I'd say the Vapochill, but I'm sure they'll really be about the same.
  2. the zalman is much better than the micro...
  3. The Vapochill, simply for the OMFG that's a good idea factor. It's uglier, but you don't care about that.
  4. get an XP90C instead.
  5. well... i don't know much about vapochill
    but i read a lot about it...
    it seems really good...
    but zalman 9500 IS REALLY good.
    i have zalman 9500 for my Athlon X2 4200+
    mine is idle @ 19 deg C
    load @ 43 deg C @ 2.75GHz
    i believe that IS ENOUGH...
    i don't need water cooler...
    who needs water cooler
  6. XP90C with a vantec tornado though is without a doubt the most powerful air cooling you can buy.
  7. not really.... its still a 90mm solution, a si-120 or maybe a sonic towers with those delta monsters will be better... but seriously... a xp90c is too expensive, and no one in teh right mind would use those 60db fans
  8. i would, and i do. (fan controller'ed but were still talking a shitload of CFM)
    and yes, tests show xp90c is ontop of all other air coolers on the market. get a panflo fan and you could push lotsa air with little noise.
  9. Not really how I would sum up my experience with the XP90.
  10. The Zalman will outperform any cooler if the case has a rear exhaust fan that aligns with the 9500's fan.
    I have a DFI Expert mobo & that layout allows the 9500 to sweep the memory also. A great combination if the case layout assists the cooler.
  11. Quote:
    XP90C with a vantec tornado though is without a doubt the most powerful air cooling you can buy.

    hehe ... do you think it's better than Scyte Ninja + 2x120mm vanes cause I don't think so :wink:

    virus5877 - Zalman 9500 is absolutly better than Vapo MIcro :lol:
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