out of ideas, im stumped, whats the problem with this PC

okay, i've had this problem with my PC for about 6 months or more, am im out of ideas. some time ago my video card fan went out, and computer stayed on for a little before the family let me know. anyway after getting new video card fan, and turning pc on, problems arose. Okay let me see if i can get this info on this easy.
Okay after use of computer for couple hours computer would frezze. I couldnt do anything. I couldnt move mouse, nothing, and if some music was playing it would frezze and loop the sound. problem started to get worse and worse. would eventually start to frezze just about right when i got to the log on screen, and lead to blue screen of death. after removing one stick of ram , it would stop doing it, but yet still would have random frezzes that wouldnt last but a second. I noticed that if i wanted computer to run stable i had to start to up the voltage on the ram. first by +.1. It would work okay then with ram volt upped, but still had issues with minor frezzes, and problems in period lag in games. then i had to up voltage to +.2 to get stability. Now i should mention that before video card issues, i had no prob with ram stability.
well, to make a long story short, i eventually couldnt run the computer at all with 2 sticks of ram in, no matter what, only 1 stick in slot 1. I got a new video card, checked the temperture on EVERYTHING, checked hard drive. finally i though the mem slots on mobo may have went bad, so i exchanged the mobo for a new one. OKay so here i am now, i have a new mobo, cpu and everythings in and running good, no overheating , nothing. Well i got new mobo back, with new ram, new video card. i hooked everything up, and it runned great. i had 2 sticks of ram in, it was working then bam, FREZZE. It has started to do it all over again. I have reformatted hardrive tons of times before with new mobo, after reformatting it seemed to help for a bit but eventually would frezze.
WHy is it doing it again, with a new mobo, video card, ram, the only thing that isnt new is power supply. Im stuppemped, is the power supply the issue? Is that why i had to raise voltage ot get it to be stable to begin with??
Well guys, you are the experts , what now??
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  1. well i'm not an EXPERT, but it seems to me that if the only thing from the old pc is the power supply, the problem is the power supply. maybe having the fan off overheated the vid card and short circuited the psu. that's not for sure at all but it seems logical to me, which is how i make most of my decisions.
  2. yeah thats what im thinking. I bought the power supply from newegg little over a year ago. its a thermaltake, and im not sure if the power supply is still on waranty. ILl have to check if not then il have to fork out the cash to get a new one.
  3. What kind of case do you have? I realize this is a long shot but, I'm wondering if the MB is somehow grounded against the case causing power instability. What kind of PSU is it? Provide case and PSU specs
  4. get your self an enermax or ocz they make a good psu
  5. its a new case, i ordered a new one win i sent the Mobo back. so diff case , but same problem arises.
  6. so obviously its the power supply.
    get theenermax 535wat all in one, good, cheap, enermax.
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