Will Win 7 64bit work with all my old games?

The title of the thread says it all... I want to be able to play all my old games without having any issues. Last time I tried Vista 64 bit I had too many compatibility issues and ended up re-installing XP Pro.

I play BF 1942, BF2, CoD 1,2, United Offensive and CoD4.....

Am I good to go if I decide to get the 64bit version or do I need the 32bit version?
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  1. 64Bit is compatible with 32Bit..
    I can CoD 1,2, United Offensive and CoD4 on Win7 32Bit..
  2. so that means I should not have any issues correct?

    Should I go with 32bit since I will only be using 4GB or just go ahead and get the 64bit?
  3. Well, Wait till you upgrade your system and get the 64Bit version.. But for now i say stick with 32Bit or at least give it a try to see if it works.. Have you tried the RC when it was released?
  4. Nope, I have had XP for a while... I tried Vista 64 but it was pain in the arse and I ended upo reinstalling XP. My problem is with my old games, as long as the OS can run them without any issues im fine.
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    I don't have those games, so there's no way I can say they do or don't work. But here's a thread on SevenForums tracking games that work/don't work for the RTM version of Win 7:

    Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks man!!!!

    That answers my question =)
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