Installing snow leapard or lion or mountain lion on my windows 7 PC

Hey everyone! i've been trying out a lot of different ways to install mac osx snow leopard and and mountain lion once, i've wasted Countless amounts of DVD's trying this and gave up for a while but starting again i want to do this the correct way, i've tried versions premade like iAtkos or EFI empire stuff like that but i always got a kernel panic and i do not have a mac or anyone i know who has a mac that i can borrow. i really do not mind installing snow leopard even though it is a little out of date, but as long as i have some sort of OSX running i can figure out how to install mountain lion or lion, PLEASE help i would highly appreciate if someone could help me solve my kernel panic error! thank you! :)


Gateway FX7026
Intel G33 Motherboard
Core2Quad Q9300 2.5Ghz 6MB L2 Cache
7Gb Ram ddr2
nvidia geforce 550 ti 1Gb Gddr5
windows 7 x64 ultimate
2 HDD's ones 320gb and the other is 500gb 7200 rpms
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  1. I just installed iAtkos. You just have to make sure while installing to ONLY select the kexts (drivers) you need for your hardware (less is more). I'd first go through OSx86 wikis to find out about hardware compatibility:
    It will let you know what OS versions re compatible using which kexts (start making a folder and saving them).

    From what I have heard (I'm on SL 10.6.3), that the iBoot/MultiBeast is the most reliable, but requires you have an actual SL DVD:
    The reason you are going through DVDs trying to get it installed is most of the images are DMG or a variant of it, and Windows can't open them, I've tried 4 or 5 ISO programs to burn or convert them.

    After you get SL up and stable, then you can get a Lion image or purchase it through the App Store (SL 10.6.6 or higher req'd) and burn it in OS X (since it will be DMG file).

    So after all my babbling, here's what I'd do:
    1. READ, you will be reading for a long time to get all your hardware running, countless forums, subscribe to them all so you have access to DL them or what not.
    2. Get a CD or DVD of all the kexts/updates you'll need after you get up an running (don't decompress them if they are zipped, Windows trips on the OS X file structure and will give you 'name too long' errors while working with them, wait til you can open them in OS X
    3. Use iAtkos S3v2 or do the iBoot/Retail install method.
    3b. TAKE NOTES of what kexts/options you are using, so you don't repeat them in case of KP or failure to boot the first second, 4th, 18th or 52nd time :)
    4. Spend hours configuring and installing kexts
    5. Have fun doing it, treat it as a challenge, not something that will 'come together' easily. I've done it to my laptop twice (a couple years ago and just the last three days). I have done 10.5.6 am 10.6.x, got it all ocnfigured and working perfectly, and it still took me 3 days to get all the options right to get it installed this time.

    Good luck!!
  2. I cheated. ...and just bought a Mac.
  3. iAtkos is an illegal file. Correct me if I am wrong, but you are not allowed to discuss that stuff here on TH forums. I discourage those to use illegal ways of installing mac, after all it is only $30. But if you must, please find a different site to discuss on.

    I have read you post again scottiemedic, and I see you are just using iAtkos to purchase Lion for the $30 instead of spending $80 on the thumb drive. Sorry. Still, I do not think talking about it here is a good idea.
  4. Firstly, I own SL. And I used iAtkos to get my system up and running, cause I was having issues using iBoot and Multibeast. So, no, I'm not spending $80 on Lion after spending $30 on SL and plan on another $30 for Lion...

    That is/was the only way I could get a stable SL so I could purchase Lion thru the app store, not that I really feel it neccesary to justify it for you. And I can ONLY imagine everyone having a discussion on TH is fully compliant in all their software and the questions involving them.

    In all reality, SL/Lion on anything other than a MAC built by Apple is a grey area of the EULA, and if it's that technical, then no one should be posting on TH about installation and configuration of any OS X on PC hardware. That said, I do feel it is important to bypass MAC hardware when experimenting with OS X (whether virtual or Hackintosh) and learning it for the cost of a $30 DVD and old hardware by far exceeds the "morality" of buying a MAC with zero hands on time.

    Not only that, the OS knowledge you learn from doing it this way is far superior than having it "just work". My personal knowledge about OS X (and the Unix core at that) has grown immensely since working with my Dellintosh, and I rank myself as amateur at best.

    I'm not about to dish out 2Gs on a MBP without knowing if what I want it for is worth the cost of a Mac (and there are only 2 reasons for me to begin with, photo and video editing), as are most people who go on a Hackintosh endeavor are doing ('most' has not been proven, and only exists as a hypothesis in my mind).

    I don't know if your post was out of true concern for the well being of my account here at TH or if you were just trolling around finding posts where you could be an ass or fanboy for Apple, I can't deduce that from type on a forum. I do hope you don't take offense to anything I've said here today, and my initial reply was just an expression of my current situation and need to increase my knowledge on something other than Windows (since working with it since 3.10 is getting kind of old) and the need to help others learn also.

    Now, to the Admins and Moderators; if any of my comments about iAtkos are against TOS, then please accept my sincere apologies and I will be more than happy to comply and delete this thread. I'm only here to help those who need knowledge extended to them about the subjects I know a little about or have practical experience working with.
  5. scottiemedic said:

    Not only that, the OS knowledge you learn from doing it this way is far superior than having it "just work". My personal knowledge about OS X (and the Unix core at that) has grown immensely since working with my Dellintosh, and I rank myself as amateur at best.

    I'm not about to dish out 2Gs on a MBP without knowing if what I want it for is worth the cost of a Mac (and there are only 2 reasons for me to begin with, photo and video editing), as are most people who go on a Hackintosh endeavor are doing ('most' has not been proven, and only exists as a hypothesis in my mind).

    I apologize in advance, I don't intend to hijack this thread; perhaps there's a more appropriate place to post my questions, but I'm curious; what ARE the more common reasons people are interested in building a hackintosh? Is it to primarily run Mac only professional creative applications and their related plugins? Maybe for iOS development? To tinker with and learn another OS w/o spending the $$$ on the Apple product?

    I can't help the OP with his question as I only have experience working on actual Apple brand Macintosh computers, but I've been working on them since System 7.x and am comfortable administering OSX systems from the Unix kernel's command line (a part of my job is to configure OSX systems for the production and broadcast industry and I have to be ACSP certified).

    Not that I intend to promote illegal activities, and I rarely encounter professional production companies who need Mac OS software that don't just buy Macs, but I think it could be beneficial to be able to help clients that might be attempting to run hakintosh systems. I have met some freelance people before, such as sports and event videographers, who have Windows computers but want to use Mac software without dropping the extra cash.

    scottiemedic, do you find your Dellintosh to be stable? How do you handle system updates? Does it play well with other Macs? What photo and video editing software are you running on it? FCP and it's related Studio suite, Aperture, REDCINE, Magic Bullet, Autodesk's Smoke, etc.?

    OP, what are your reasons for wanting to install Mac OS?

    Thanks! Again, sorry if I'm wandering too far off topic. ;)
  6. wild - I can't speak for everyone, or even anyone besides myself.

    My Dell is stable. I previously had 10.5 installed and played with SL. I was able to get to 10.6.6 (that was the latest update at the time) with a simple change to my boot plist listing PMVersion=x to match the update release (=21, =22, etc, every update changed the PMVersion). The only problem I ever had was sleep and coming out of sleep, and it still plagues me that I couldn't fix it.

    I'm not sure about how well it plays with other Macs, but connections over SMB to my Windows machines is great. Also, I've been playing with Aperture, iLife software and Final Cut for the photo/video part of it. I'm guessing the 'superiority' is due to the Unix core, but that said, I am not a power user for video/photo stuff and haven't done any time comparisons or benchmarks to see if an OS X system has a significant difference over Windows software (Like Adobe or Gimp).

    I think mine was a wondering more than anything and a challenge to get it running. Maybe I will purchase a MBP in the future after I get my hinking satisfied to do some iOS development in my spare time and learn to use the other software more efficiently. But my primary motivation was to "tinker without spending the $$" as you put (I'm poor, I admit it. Maybe Apple will send me a MBP so I won't have to hack OS X anymore, hahahaha).

    I have been problems getting to 10.6.8, as it doesn't play well with others, but those with more experience have no problems running it or Lion on the same machine (Dell 1525) with slightly different hardware (though all of mine is compliant according to the OSX Wiki).

    Anyway, hope that helps some.
  7. I have a question since I'm a novice at this. MY question is how can I know if i can install OS X on my laptop. I got Windows 7 but its boring + I don't like it. I got a Mac buts a desktop. Can someone give me a beginners guide, video, programs I need, etc... And if i would have any problems or issued.
    Have a nice day!

    My Laptop:
    +Sony Vaio:
    -Processor Type : Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM
    -Processor Technology : Quad Core
    -Processor Speed : 2.20GHz1 with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.20GHz2
    -Processor Cache : 6MB
    -Installed Memory : 12GB (4GB Fixed Onboard + 8GB Removable)
    -Memory Type/Speed : DDR3/1333MHz
    Operating System:
    -Windows 7
    -Graphics Processor : NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M LE
    -Graphics Technology : Hybrid Graphics
    -Graphics Video RAM : 2GB dedicated
    -Storage Type : Serial ATA
    -Storage Capacity : 750GB4
    -Storage Technology : 7200rpm
  8. Hardware Compatibility Lists:

    Good reading, places to start: - formerly, great repository for kexts/drivers

    Those are pretty much the sites I have bookmarked to use (some others 'specialized' for my Dell 1525), but that will give you a great start for reading, asking forum questions etc etc. Since you are running on Intel, your journey will be easier than if you were running AMD gear. I'd look through all the wiki first (first link) and make sure all the gear in your laptop has kexts written for it or that can be modified. You can look up components individually (like your CPU/GPU, etc) or see if anyone else has the same or very similar laptop and what configs they used.

    Hope it works out. I got my lappy dual booted so I can play with 10.6.8 and still revert to Windows should I need to with a 750GB drive like yours, so you will have plenty of room should you decide to go that way. I haven't tried Lion or ML, since SL is running so stable and the upgrades really aren't all that necessary for what little playing I do on it.
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