What's the difference between the Creative brands?

So they have 3 main brands: Gigaworks, Megaworks, and Inspire? Is there a difference between them? Like maybe one has only analog inputs and others have digital coax/toslink inputs? Thanks in advance.
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  1. well it depends of you want extreme sound quality go for x-fi or if your an audiophile!
  2. Unless you want to spend a LOT on top of the line gigaworks, get a real stereo and some real speakers, personal preference is JBL Studio series. I have a set of inspire for my wifes machine, 5.1, and they are alright, but nothing compared to my 12" JBL towers and 8" surrounds :) Bass on any of those systems will be overly boomy unless placed properly, and they tend to accentuate the highs and lows more than having a balanced output. If they are THX certified you'll certainly be better off, but they still won't compete with a THX certified home stereo. THX does not necessarily mean "best".
  3. listen to michael hes an audiophile not like me :P
  4. man, I'm no audiophile, I won't spend 10k on a record player! I'm a wannabe :)
  5. So Gigaworks is the best? And then Megaworks and then Inspire?
  6. Thats the way I see it, sorry, guess I could have said that first.

    On retrospect, the mega, giga thing kinda says that huh?
  7. wel your an audiophile in my book i've seen people who spent ther college money on speakers!
  8. Funny you should say that, I wouldn't have those speakers if I hadn't gotten a scholarship and had a nice chunk of "college stock"
  9. Quote:
    So Gigaworks is the best? And then Megaworks and then Inspire?

    All i know is don't forget abotu Logitech speakers.... Now those things rock. I have a pair of Z-680 that cause my apt to shake (maybe a slight exaggeration but people def tellm e to turn it down :))
  10. I would get Logitech speakers, but too bad they don't have 7.1 speakers. I guess I'll look into 7.1 Gigaworks.

    Just wanted to thank all of you for your help! Was a little confused with all the brands.
  11. I have a friend with that same model, they are better than the megaworks I've heard (never heard the gw 500, but the logi's are no match for the 750's), and cost less as I recall.
  12. Those are far and away the best computer speakers I've ever heard, good choice.
  13. Alienware sells the Klipsch ALX 5.1 setup at $700 at more or less starts defying the definition of "computer speakers," as they use RSX-3 super sats. But for price/performance, the Gigas definitely are a great value.

    As most PC speakers the center channel is weak and I've heard of many people have upgraded their front three speakers on the Gigas with small bookshelves.
  14. Im still happy with my Logitech ones, 505W RMS is more than enough for me. Sub could be deeper but that comes with the computer speaker territory. I'm not bashing creative bcause I have nver heard thier flagship models, just trying to point out logitech makes some damned good THX certified 5.1 speakers.
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