Better off with 19" LCD, or S-Video standard def. TV ou

I'm building a PC to cost around $2000, including LCD if need be. I've got a good LCD picked out for $300.
So this means:
I can either get a $1700 system with $300 LCD, or
$1900 system with $100 for TV tuner, remote, windows media center, etc.

With the $1700 system I'd be 'limited' to a 7800gt. with the latter i could go as far as a x1900xt.

I'm wondering, is the drop in resolution caused by S-video connection to a standard-def TV worth sacrificing the high-res gaming i could get with an LCD?
ive been debating for some time now, some help would... help.
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  1. The best standard def tv's will barely reach 800 lines, and that will still be blurry, no contest on the lcd side. A high def display, plasma, lcd, dlp projection, will be 10 times better than any standard def but you would want to use dvi or hdmi for that
  2. ... you cant game on a tv..
  3. Now I can't agree with that, I have component output to a 32" crt tv and play all my games on it and they still look sharper than a 360. If the game has lots of reading involved, Deus Ex, Guild Wars, I gotta play on my other machines, but for FPS and even RTS tv's can work well. Just realize they will never be as sharp as a monitor.
  4. Are you mad? Get an LCD.
  5. I more thing... the Gamecube's native resolution is 640x480, which is what the S-Video res is right?

    ive played my gamecube on this TV, and it looks pretty good...
    Maybe I just havent experienced crazy gfx yet.
  6. you have a ways to go to see real hi-rez graphics, no console even comes close, unless you have a dvi,hdmi tv and an xbox 360, and I don't think that's as good even.

    Oh yeah, svid will do up to 525 lines horz rez, not sure what the vert is, standard NTSC output, same with component video, having a higher rez on the computer will sharpen the image simply because of the increase in detail, kinda like interpolation in reverse I guess. Analog TV's work a little different than monitors so even when you put an 800x600 image on a tv, it scales it down to the 525, if the tv supports more lines, my toshiba is 700 or something, it stretches from the NTSC standard, it doesn't give more detail, but it keeps the image consistent on larger screens so you don't see black lines between pixels. Anyone correct me if I said that wrong!

    I just found this, it's a little different:
  7. I agree!

    Get a low latency high resolution LCD!

    Semper Fi Linux on :D
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