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First some info which I think may help: CPU: 1400 MHz, HD: (2 Drives): 7.11 GB-Drive C; 7.15 GB-Drive D, Memory: 128.0 MB RAM (64MB to Graphics Card), Windows '98 :( Sound card: SiS 7012 Audio Device/nVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X Video Adapter, System Clock-133.33MHz, Authentic AMD Duron, Everest Home, SIW System Information Gabriel Topala.

The description of my sound card is an SiS 7012 Audio Device and the type is PCI, I have not been able to properly install it since I needed to reformat my PC over 1 year ago. It is somewhat installed as I can listen to CD's via a program I downloaded with the driver I downloaded called 'AudiRack', but I wish to be able to listen to music via WMP and on the Internet also (smashits, Yahoo! Launchcast...), currently, I cannot, why is this, and also how can I fix this? Thanx in advance.
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  1. You need to install the driver for it.
    Here is a link to a download page.
  2. I have downloaded that, and I remember downloading the same, with the same name "a12112d", I have run setup and restarted, and made attempt to listen to a CD in Windows Media Player, but it says:
    "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly." I have tried to play the CD in Audirack, which I c an still do, but Windows Media Player automatically opens and tells me that it cannot play the file and I should be sure it comes from a trustworthy source, should the player attempt to play the file?>Yes. It did that for every track of the CD, then says this: "Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline." However I can still play Cd's via Audirack. How can I get the card to work for WMP and over the Internet also?
  3. goto device manager: right click my computer and select properties. select hardware tab - device manager. Do you have any red xs or yellow question marks on anything. If so right click and select update driver. This will enable it to install the driver again.
    Also look under the 'sound, video and game controllers' area for anything that mentions your sound card. If you see it there, double click it there and see if windows says it is operating correctly or not.
  4. Thanks. I tried that: ?Other Devices>PCI Ethernet Controller>Update and ?Other Deivces>PCI Universal Serial Bus>Update, but both have an option to reinstall Driver, I tried updating, and reinstalling both and got the same message: Downloading Server Information> Do you want to install and run... Yes>Windows was unable to locate a driver for this device. If you do not want to install a driver now, click Next. To search again, click Back. Under Sound, Video and Game Controllers>SiS 7012 Audio Driver>Device Status>This device is working properly. There is an option to update the driver here, but it says The best driver Windows found is already installed for this device. Click Back to install a different driver, or click Next to continue using this driver. Location of driver: C:WINDOWS INF SIS70121.INF.
  5. What motherboard do you have? It sounds like you need to download the full chipset drivers for the board. Goto the motherboard manufacture and get them from there.

    Is this a homebuilt or a store bought, ie: compaq, hp, sony,....
  6. It is home built. I'm not very good with PCs, I'd probably call myself a 'wizkid' but not very PC savvy, I don't know which motherboard it is, I had it made by someone I don't communicate with often, so how would I find out the motherboard type, without asking them as I am unable to ask them?
  7. On the motherboard itself should be the manufacturers name and some numbers. On my msi board its right around or between the pci slots and the northbridge.
    You could also download and run a program called Sandra from sisoftware. Linky
    It should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about whats in your computer.
  8. OK, I have Everest and that tells me what's on my PC, for motherboard: if this is correct: ASRock K7S8X v3 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN)
  9. goto to this page and download the audio and the lan drivers.
    here is the Link
    Install both as it also looks like you need the lan driver.
    Hope this helps
  10. For some reason it still isn't working :x , I looked in Devicer Manager under ?Other Devices and the only thing there now is a PCI Universal Serial Bus, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, obviously, but my sound card still isn't working! I don't even have the volume control icon in the system tray like I used to before I reformatted my PC over a year ago!
  11. O, k. I think you missed your Q, help?
  12. Go into the sound and audio properties under control panel. What is listed on the volume tab?
    What is listed on the Audio tab under default playback device?
    On the volume tab page there is a tick mark to have the volume icon show in the system tray.

    Get back. Sorry I took so long.
  13. That's ok, I'm just a bit annoyed as it's been over a year like I've said a few times, and I've tried before, and it still sin't working :(, lol, anyway, either I'm missing something, I'm doing this wrong, or I'm just confused: Control Panel>Sounds>There is no volume tab. Opening sound properties, all I see is a sounds tab with Events, Sound (which is greyed out), and Schemes currently set to Windows Default.
  14. Well I am at a loss also. sorry.
  15. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't realise you replied. Well every driver I have downloaded for the card has been a .zip file, perhaps it would be esier for me to download an .exe file? Is there any of them avaiable for my card?
  16. get winzip and unzip the files to a temp directory and run the install from there.
  17. I already have winzip. I am able to install drivers for MP3 players and memory sticks, but for some reason I can't install drviers for the sound card. Any guesses what I may be doing wrong, or what I'm not doing?
  18. shutdown and restart your computer in safe mode(tap F8 key at startup)
    from inside safe mode goto device manager and look for multiple listings of you sound device
  19. In Device Manager from Safe Mode:
    Sound, Video and Game Controllers>’C-Media AC79 Audio Device’>Properties>General>
    Hardware Version:160, Device Usage: Disable in this hardware profile-unchecked, Exists in all hardware profiles: checked.
    Driver File Details>File version: (36)

    There is no listing of ‘SiS7012 Audio Device Driver’, although I did find other SIS listings under System Devices: ‘SIS PCI to ISA bridge’, and under Universal Serial Bus controllers: 2 listings of ‘SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Contrtoller’ if this helps at all.
  20. you should be able to disable the onbard sound from inside you bios. then reboot and try and install your new soundcard. everything sounds fine from safe mode but your onboard audio is probably whats screwing with your install
  21. Oh, that's good to hear. Thanx. I don't understand BIOS, I know what it stands for, but, help me with it please?
  22. when you first turn on your computer you need to enter the bios by pressing F2 key. goto advanced tab choose Peripheral Configuration disable OnBoard Midi Port and OnBoard AC' 97 Audio.
  23. Ok, I've done that. OnBoard Midi Port was already disabled, the OnBoard AC' 97 Audio was on auto. I have disabled, and now what do I do?
  24. Well? What do I do next? I still don't have the volume icon in the systray, and also under sound options, the tab is greyed out. What should I do?
  25. No help? Knew I wouldn't be able to get it fixed!
  26. hello my name is Andreea i have the same problem i read all you have spoked with the "helper" but i didn`t fix i have all the problems that you got trough how you had resolved finally?
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