Would a 7800GT(X) bottleneck my Athlon64 3200+ too much?

Hi, I'm upgrading my system in anticipation of TESIV: Oblivion. My current system is:

Athlon64 3200+ CPU
2x PC3200 512MB Memory
ASUS 6600GT Vid

I am upgrading the memory to 2x PC3200 1024MB, and am upgrading the video to either a 7800GT or 7800GTX.

My question is, if I go for the 7800GT I can also upgrade to a Athlon64 3800+ or 4000+. Would you advise I go for the GT+CPU or just the GTX and keep my 2.0ghz CPU.

Would keeping my 3200+ be a noticable bottleneck if I upgraded the video?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It should be pretty balance. Why not just buy another 2x512 Mb to make total of 2Gb? Save money that way.
  2. Thanks for the replies. About the memory, It actually had slipped my mind that I had 4 slots instead of 2. Either way, since it can support up to 4GB, I'd rather upgrade to 2x 1gp sticks now, so I can upgrade to 4gb later if I choose.

    Again, thanks for the help.
  3. b/c 4x512mb is noticeably slower than 2x1gb, and when you really need 2x1gb, you will undoubtedly notice the difference.

    the 3200+ will not be a bottleneck in games, especially when its a great overclocker (easy 2.4-2.5 w/aftermarket hsf). no point in buying a faster single core a64. depending on how demanding you are w/games, overclocking an evga 7800gt may be the best option for you. if you're very demanding and run high resolution, consider 7800gtx, 1900series
  4. No, that CPU will not bottleneck that card but think twice upgrading to a faster CPU will give a performance boost especially if you're jumping from 3200+ to 4000+, IMO.
  5. get an x1900xt(x) there a bit faster than a 7800gt(x)... what type of memory is it i might be interested in buying a stick :P
  6. lol who EVER SAID 2X1 VS 4X512 would be better don';t be a dumb ass and listen to em but that if u have money go for 1gbx4 but if u wanna go fast go quad channel cuz if u do any resarch and maxuim (thnx god for those guys) did their last dream machien with quad and just raped and no ur 7800 shouldn't bottle neck, but they do sugest atlest a 3500 939pin well i would do what i did, i post similuar fourms and i got 370064 1mb(very handy) OC'ed it easliy with stock cooler still 2.41ghz to achieve 4000 which is the same accpet the multiplier(don;t worry about that tho). got a 1 7800 (going sli very soon) got 2gbs of ram(DO NOT SKIMP ON MOBO)) i cann't run dual channel cuz of my gay ass a8n-sli mobo do not buy this board any1 spend the $40-$60 on 1 of the better boards. buy a sound card that will take operations away from the cpu like a audy2 or if u have money get the xfi it's 24x better apperantly. !! buy a fast hd it helps!!!!! don't settle for less than 16mb cach and s-ata hd their cheap at $100 a peice for 200gb

    NOW EVERY1 I HAVE SAID WHAT I BELIEVE IS A GOOD CHOICE DON'T COME OFF MOUTHING ME OFF AND STUFF CUZ I JUST SAID MY PEICE AND THATS IT NO MORE RESPONSES []DEACE p.s i didn 't read ur upfront message so i just thinking ur upgrading ur hole system and i am sugesting with person with a meduim budget ruffly 1000-1200 for eye-candy- fram-smashing-quality get this kinda system sure ya sould cut a deal if u buy it all at once(ohyah don't forget about ur power supply must have 450 for a single 7800 says on the box and 500w for sli)
  7. Quote:
    get an x1900xt(x) there a bit faster than a 7800gt(x)... what type of memory is it i might be interested in buying a stick :P

    The 2 sticks I have right now are either Kingmax or Kingston, 512MB 184pin PC3200 DDR400. I can check into which 'King' manufacturer it is, if you're still interested.

    (DO NOT SKIMP ON MOBO)) i cann't run dual channel cuz of my gay ass a8n-sli mobo

    Although I was thinking about upgrading to the A8N32-SLI Deluxe, I am using the Deluxe version of your mobo which does support dual channel. Would you consider this mobo adequate?
  8. well im gonna be honest here and say, buy another 2 x 512, not because of quad channel, ive never heard of that... but because 4 gb of memory is total overkill and actually slows ur computer down (in gaming at least) or so ive heard, more than 3gb and windows xp doesnt see it all, also what ive heard... but 4x 512 and 2x 1g shows very little perforamnce difference, which will in the long run equal no more than 5fps in any game... id say save the extra 100 bux and go with another 2x512 of kingston or kingmax...spend that extra 100 on the next fastest video card... itll be worth it :) GL with the build/rebuild
  9. i agree with parlee get 2x512 cuz 2share the load if that fills up u have aback up gig to share the load again so thats how it equals quad channels not 4 channels sharing the load (that would be a great idea tho someday)sorry sould have been more percice in my wording 2x2dual would be just great
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