BSOD and the n4_disp.dll

Hey guys. I got a question like someone to give me a little info about. I just built a new media center PC.
Asus A8N-VM CSM no overclocking
Athlon 64 3500+ (venice ) no overclocking
Geil 1 Gig dual Channel kit 400mhz. Also got a OCZ stick kicking around
TV tuner not installed
and XFX 6800 DDr3 pci-e ( tried ForceWare v 81.98, 77.72, 71.89 ) Factory Overclocked.
Windows XP pro sp2.
All drivers and Bios are up to date

Everyonce in a while 10 to 20 mins of game play the computer locks up into the BSOD cause by n4_disp.dll. Now i did a fresh install twice and the problem is still around. Right now im using the onboard video and i yet to have the computer lock up but the onboard video still blows. The guy at the local computer shop tested the video card in a computers and had no problem. Is there something Im doing wrong maybe a bios setting besides turning of onboard video and selecting pci-e as the primary graphics card or is it just Nvidia software/hardware not liking my parts :(

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  1. I have gotten that error many a time, but never in your situation. I run into the error when I have oc'd my card to far and it starts to get artifacts. As I sit here I ponder your problem. Have you tried the beta 82.12 drivers from nvidia? It also might make a diffrence if your using Media Center Edition Vs. XP Pro. If I remember correctly, there are diffrent options on nvidias website for XP and MCE. Not saying you dont know how to pick the right one, but its where I would start.
  2. XFX has had a bad streak with the 6800's overheating and the fact you have it in a (assuming) HTPC case doesn't make it any better. IMO I would get more airflow to it first then use a software utility such as Rivatuner to monitor the GPU temp and try to recreate the crash while monitoring the temp. If airflow doesn't correct it I would then use coolbits to clock it back down to it stock memory and GPU clocks and try again. I was contemplating buying one of these cards but after reading all the negative reviews on Newegg about it overheating I purchased a X800GTO2 instead.

    download coolbits here,com_remository/Itemid,26/func,selectfolder/cat,98/

    download Rivatuner here

    You said your computer shop tested it but did he actually stress the card by doing a demo loop of a video game to weed out any video card issues?
  3. Thanks CRAFTSMAN_69. I did just down the clock speeds 325 core 600 mem and the card to seem to be stable for alittle bit longer but after 1 hour or so it just crashed.
  4. Do a little troubleshooting on the card to verify it is not defective. Open the case run the system with a house fan blowing directly into the case, monitor the gpu temp. Use your finger(after you ground yourself to the case of course) and touch one of the memory modules on the video card to see if it really is getting hot or not. If it turns out it is overheating you have an option here.

    Its bulky big and moves air out of your case without a hint of noise all while keeping your GPU and memory cool(installing this will void your warranty).
    Give these drivers a try instead of the refrence Nvidia drivers.

    Good Luck and let me know how it turns out.
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