DDR2 speed when NOT overclocking

I have purchased a GA-8I945P Pro which takes DDR2 mem. My question is if im not planning to overclock, what speed DDR2 memory should I buy? Should I get slower memory with better timings because the memory will only run at DDR2 400 anyway because im not bumping up the FSB from 200??

The board supports DDR2 667 and the FSB to 1066 (266 FSB) but the processor is only a p4 550 (800 FSB) (which has enough trouble running cool without overclocking! :roll: )

So do I...

buy DDR2 400 or 533 MHz with CL3 or better timings OR
buy DDR2 667 with CL4/5

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  1. My understanding of memory and FSb relation is that if you buy DDr2 667 and the board supports it thenyour memory will default to that speed even iff your FSb is 266 Mhz.

    As for actual performance of DDR2 667 v DDR2 533 with lower latency, I honestly don't know the theoretical bandwidth diffrences and real world diffrences, hopefully a Intel guy can shed some light on this.
  2. Read the Corsair TWIN2X1024-5400C4 review at www.sysopt.com/features It will give you some insight.
  3. Thanks for that - looks like I be getting some of the XMS 2 Corsair memory!
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