As always they are late, but it's time for Dell to use AMD.

AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH (AMR) is again telling its customers that Dell will soon announce it will use Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) chips.

AMD shares rose eighty cents on the NYSE today, to stand at $41.04 at press time. Intel (tick: INTC) stands at $21.36 on NASDAQ.

LOL. 8)
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  1. The best thing of this announcement is that Dell will be delivering Opteron servers in Q1. Let's wait and see...
  2. amd is betraying us fanboy's it's like sleeping with the enemy after years of an intel only stance dell now wants amd.If i was amd i would say where were you when we had k6 or athlon xp? huh how about when 3 years ago we released the a64 huh if i was amd i would tell dell to go and f themselves for only wantin intel procs and now you want us becuase your a crappy company now and you outsource your techsupport and ppl stop buying your crappy dells!
  3. Dell wont use AMD CPUs, cry about it as much as you want, Fanboy...
  4. Dell will start using AMD chips right about the time Apple starts using Windows.
  5. Couldnt have said it better
  6. Straight from the horses mouth. Marketing/Research companies can say what they want, all they're doing is pitching what they think is a good idea. Facts are facts so quit spreading rumors.
  7. Oh well, those "noobs" are right tho...
    And stop telling BS, Dell will never sell such a PC for 2.500$
  8. The question might be dumb cause Im sure your skillz pwn everything, but can you build a better PC than a Dell?

    Dells LCDs are mostly from Samsung, so is Samsung "crap" too?
  9. Ironically, this article appears in THGDaily <>. Truly though, at this point, who cares if Dell sells machines with AMD procs. Those of us who are in the know, enjoy, and get satisfaction from putting together our own boxes, Intel or AMD. I've always left Dell's to the "I only surf the web and email" crowd. Sure they may build "gaming machines" but truly Dell boxes are mass market machines for the casual user. Let's face it, Michael Dell is just a guy who started to build machines in his garage and copied the Jobs/Wazniak business model. If it wasn't for savy marketing and lots of start up capital, Dell would have gone by way of the TSR80 and Gateway. And to all you AMD fanboys who feel "betrayed" by Dell...all I have to say is PUH-LEEZE...get real. Probably the type of person who feels betrayed by Diet Coke for appearing in the Jackie Chan Diet Pepsi ad.
  10. Even 1 year 3 months after I bought my Dell I cant cheaper prices on JUST THE HARDWARE, not to mention Software, assembly, support and so on...
  11. I really don't care a sh*t about Dell since they suck, but the fact is that Dell is testing Opteron processors for an upcoming server line they plan to launch. The other thing is dell laptops with Turion processors. I believe those will be the two segments Dell will start with.
  12. Quote:
    Dell wont use AMD CPUs, cry about it as much as you want, Fanboy...

    And that's why they'll keep getting raped by HP, Sun and IBM in the server front (not even mention desktops). :roll:
  13. I don't know how or where your getting that dell pc price but that's clearly not what they sell for.

    As far as reliability, Intel is known for having the most rock solid chip in the industry. There's no contesting that fact. AMD has a good chip too but you mentioned Dell PCs which feature Intel.

    The fact of the matter is strategy is what sells and not performance.
  14. The market speaks another language. Dell keeps on extending its leadership which doesnt really indicate any raping by other companies.
  15. ive got 6 pc's here, all custom ones.
    i bought a dell 2 month ago when one of my old p3's blew up (psu blew and took mobo, ram and gfx card with it :()
    all i can say is that i did the math up and down for 2 weeks and i couldnt buy
    the hardware for the price ive got the dell for. its a p4 3gig cpu (775), 1 gig
    of ram, 250gig hdd, ati x300 gfx card (pci-e).
    the mainboard obviously is the part where they save money as they dont use
    brand boards. the ram is probably cheap and not great, but this machine cost
    me 903 swiss francs (umm i think 1 usd = 1.4 sfr atm).
    they do come with a lot of pre-installed poop, but theres always the format c: lol
    i do have original windows cd's, so theres no problem to clear all signs of
    dell from the pc, since they have to give you the xp cd-key lol

    one thing that i noticed the minute i switched this pc on, is that its the most
    quite pc ive ever come across. thumbs up to dell for that.

    imho, if u want a really cheap pc just to surf the web and do some office stuff
    on it, then dell is great.
    if u want a game rig, then build it yourself! (or let it build by someone lol)

    ive been reading up on posts (not here) from people complaining bout dell
    and the tech support. while i do agree that the support is prolly terrible, all
    those people didnt know squad about pc's (hard- and software).
    im not surprised that they'd problems with the pc's and they simply blame
    dell for their mistakes in not having the knowledge to operate a pc.

    i dont care if dell sell amd or intel. the only amd ive ever had was a k6 and
    it was crap lmao. amd chips nowadays are good, no question, but i just
    stick to intel, cos its what i know and what i had good experience with.
    if that changes i have no problems to buy amd in the future :)
  16. See, that's my whole point. The average user only knows either Dell or Intel as household names. AMD with their lousy marketing, will never topple Intel at the rate they're going. I bought a Dell machine for one of my kids recently and only paid 300 bucks for it complete. Its a celery machine but it performs more than good enough for her websurfing.
  17. But 1 USD is not 1k CAD
  18. Anyway, lets forget these rumors,shall we?
    Dell isn't going anywhere.
  19. I'd just like to chime in here and defend Dell. Don't be mistaken I don't have one anymore (blew it up with fire crackers but thats a long story). HOwever, Dell does an excellent job in marketing PC's to the mass market. WE are not the mass market just be virtue of trolling these forums lol.

    The average user, as stated before, knows about 3 names in the IT realm, Intel, Dell and HP (not say those are the only ones, but the main ones). If I had to get a PC for my grandmother or someone who barely scratches the surface of a PC"s potential I'd buy a Dell w/o thinking twice. They are good values. Plus, some of the packages they offer are a big help to people who are starting with nothing.

    They also make really nice laptops. Are we forgetting the XPS Mobline withthe 7800GTX Go? Sure it costs an arm and a leg but since when do mobile gaming machines not? They do what they do well, and personaly I don't care what chip they use AMD, or Intel. The fact of the matter is Dell does what it wants to try and corner the mass market. As geeks and OC'ers we aren't in thier target market. So hate Dell ifyou will but realise they aren't trying to sell a PC to you, they know they can't. They cater to the casual gamer with money to burn and who will pay for convience.
  20. Dell makes a good laptop. I have had one for a few years and it is still rock solid. As for my desktop PC, I always say this: If you need a whole computer, monitor, box, printer etc, then get a dell or gateway. If you just need the guts, like I always need since all I upgrade is my cpu/mobo/video card and ram, then do it yourself.

    The good thing about dell is that when some soccer mom buys a comp and she has a problem, she can go to dell.
  21. Quote:
    Hell yea you can build a better PC than Dell, much better and cheaper, Dell is greedy like hell, they want money, building your own is much better than getting ripped ff by Dell.

    could'nt have said it better my self thats the #1 reasn for outsourcing :twisted: damn you dell damn you micheal dell damn you to dell i mean hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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