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Hey guys i wanted to let you know something. I have been testing Windows 7 32bit and 64bit loaded on a computer that has 4gb ram. Did test on two different computers and with all programs load. What version would you think runs faster? I am sure you know 32 bit only uses about 3gb of the 4 gb of ram. I have read you really more then 4gb of ram for 64bit to run good.
Well the answer is.............................................. The 32bit runs a lot faster then 64bit with 4gb of ram. You can really see it when windows boots up. Most new computer now are coming out with 4Gb of ram and 64bit windows 7. That is not good. Also most systems use part if the ram for video so your not getting all 4gb for the system to run on. I am not sure where the sweet spot is for 64bit to run fast enough but most people as of today do not need 64bit as most programs are 32bit. I don't understand why they are pushing 64bit on everyone when there is know reason for it.
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  1. There is a big reason for 64bit OS's - more memory if you think 4gb is not a lot more than the 3gb limit of 32bit versions. The potential for huge memory on PC's is coming to light now - 6 / 12 / 24gb supported by motherboards is common - and with such memory configurations the whole system becomes more responsive because it doesnt have to rely on page files as much.

    I suspect your difference in performance maybe down to the drivers used - dont forget that the chipset / video etc will all need a well developed 64bit driver to work as the designers want it to.
  2. Yea i know all about the drivers. Don't you think i did that? You are talking about gaming systems. The main street Computers desktop and laptops are being sold with 4 Gb of ram. I addressed that if you are running more then 4Gb of ram sure it is better then. But i was letting the people out there that are buying these systems around $1,200 and under that come with only 4Gb of ram. They think it is going to be so much faster with 64bit then 32bit and thats not so. I keep seeing people on here asking this question all the time.
  3. scubadog40 said:
    Did test on two different computers and with all programs load.
    Are the two computers identical, particularly in terms of their disks and partition layouts?
  4. I did the test on a dell studio xps 16 Laptop and a test on a Asus n80vn. Now i still wanted to find out if it was some software that i loaded or a driver that slowed them both down so i did the dell studio once more. Ok i think i found the problem. I loaded 64 bit on it and as i loaded all the drivers i would reboot the system to see if one of them slowed the system down. Well i found out the drivers are not the problem. So i started loading all my programs up one at a time like Microsoft office, Quicken 2010,Webroot Antivirus and spy sweeper and so on. I have everything loaded. Everything is going just find boot up is fast and i did not load one thing to see if that might be the problem. Even though i turned off the Antivirus on the Webroot when i load Norton Internet Security 2010 that is where it must of been the problem. I know you are to use only one Antivirus on a system but i thought because i had it turned off on the Webroot and was only using the Spy Sweeper it would be ok. I was wrong i guess.
  5. lose norton, bloated officious peice of rubbish
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