How do i change administrator settings in windows 7

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  1. What do you want to change?
  2. Control panel then user accounts and safety will change some settings.
  3. Hello Friends,

    I have been using this pre-owned lappie for quite a while. And i would install and uninstall programs as I prefer. Lately,
    1)I have been able to install but not uninstall programs. It asks for admin login which unfortunately I never asked for and cant find now. There still is a user name and password that I use to login into my lappie. I guess it is different from the "admin user/passowrd" Is this because of any windows updates or what.Or is it that I screwed up something with useraccount settings?.
    2) I cannot save files in "my documents" or "desktop" or "C drive "anymore. I even ran a norton antivirus 2010 purchased version. Nothing found.

    I am just so lost. Please help with a solution.
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    Administrative rights
  5. My default on lost passwords or girl friend gave me the PC but no password or I forgot the admin password is to call bs. If you have completely lost the password then pull out your install disc and reinstall Windows.

    People almost never set up multiple accounts without admin access. This just doent make sense....
  6. Make/model of laptop?
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